A special feature in SAP Business One are the alarm functions. Selected users are informed or "alerted" when certain data is entered in the system or documents are created. While the user typically enters data into SAP Business One or proactively queries data. Basically, it can be any kind of events that interact with SAP B1if can also take place outside of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One - alarm functions

Standardizes alerts in SAP Business One

Predefined rules that trigger this alarm can be used in a standardized way. This can involve deviations from budgets, credit limits, minimum stocks, commitment limits, gross profit, discounts or overdue disposition recommendations. Most of the prepared alarm functions aim to draw attention to deviations from commercial criteria or standards defined in the company.

Custom alarms in SAP B1

Alternatively, alerts can be created based on queries. The alarms are triggered when queries are executed. The queries can be started as planned with regard to the time or interval of execution. The queries can be made with the SAP Business One tools, the query wizard and the query generator, create and save.

Forward alarms outside of SAP Business One

Alarms can be sent internally to a user within SAP Business One. But the alarms can also be forwarded by e-mail, SMS and/or fax. By using the possibilities of the tools for the integration of SAP Business One, however, completely different scenarios such as MS TEAMS or Slack connection can also be implemented.

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