Provides for the approval process SAP Business One Various control instruments are available that regulate who is allowed to carry out certain transactions and/or can allow exceptions.

When working within approval processes, the size and type of business transactions that each user is authorized to perform can be restricted. For example, if a user begins to post a document that does not meet the requirements specified in the approval process, this document is saved as a draft. It must then be approved.

Parameters of approval in SAP Business One

SAP Business One releases have two essential parameters:

  • Thresholds for approval. If a new document is above or below these limits, a release is required in order to post it.
  • approval levels. If a new business case does not meet certain conditions, it goes through the release levels that can be assigned to one or more users.

Approval phase in SAP Business One

The algorithm for approval in SAP Business One follows the following phases:

  • Configuration. Releases are set up and saved.
  • receipt creation. A document that does not meet the approval conditions is created.
  • Draft. SAP Business One saves the document as a draft document.
  • Notification. The persons responsible for the release will be informed
  • Adoption. If the document is accepted, the user who created it will receive a message.
  • Ticketing. The receipt can now be posted.
  • rejection. If the document is rejected, the user who created it will be informed. It is possible to modify the document so that it meets the approval criteria. In this case, it goes through all the approval levels until the author gets the go-ahead to post it.

Release templates and free definition of the releases

Similar to the alarm functions There are already release templates in which you only specify certain data and activate them. In addition, completely redesigned release templates can be created using your own SQL queries. If you want to use an SQL query in a new approval template, the value “True” is expected as a result.

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