SAP Business One-faster, simpler, clearer!
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SAP Business One-faster, simpler, clearer!

The everyday life of a financial accountant is often characterised by searching for and comparing data. With the introduction of the new cockpit of the Versino Financial Suite we want to simplify precisely these daily challenges for SAP Business One users. The Cockpit offers an intuitive and efficient solution for financial management by making it easier to access and analyse financial data. It remains SAP Business One, only faster, simpler and clearer!

Dynamic filtering with immediate display

In the Financial Cockpit of the Versino Financial Suite, users change the parameters directly in the header area of the same screen, which immediately displays the updated results in the table area below. Users of the SAP standard know this differently. There, they are used to calling up a separate filter screen for each adjustment in order to regenerate reports for new results. This direct and immediate updating capability of the Financial Cockpit significantly increases efficiency and user-friendliness when analysing financial data.

All relevant account data in one overview

In the central area, general account information such as account name, balance, account type, currency status, external codes and tax code displayed. The display of posting data includes comprehensive details such as journal and voucher numbers, dates, totals, balances and references for a complete overview.

Different representation of SAP Business One data

The Financial Cockpit sets itself apart from SAP Business One with a more detailed and user-friendly financial data visualisation. It displays more details more clearly and has special columns for tax keys and percentages. It also clearly separates debit and credit values in separate columns. In contrast, SAP Business One presents credit amounts in brackets, which can be a little confusing.

Drill-down and selective Excel export

The Financial Cockpit uses a drill-down function similar to SAP Business One to call up the linked system documents directly from the posting line. A significant advantage over the SAP standard is the Excel export function. While SAP always exports the entire table, you can select an area of the table in the Cockpit. The Cockpit then exports this selection to Excel in exactly the same way. There you can then continue working with exactly the selected data.

More details and overview at a glance

If you select a row in the table, the Cockpit displays an overview of all accounts involved in the posting record in the footer. Additional information indicates details that are not usually directly visible in the posting. For example, the double diamond indicates that a document contains different tax codes. We then see even more information in the posting data of the voucher. This includes details of the creator and creation date of the posting.

Interact with SAP Business One

Via the "Continue to" option selected in the cockpit Account sheet users can directly access various functions such as journal entries or internal reconciliations. The cockpit also provides access to the standard general ledger and the Profit and Loss Account (income statement). In addition, the "G/L account statement" and "Totals and balances list" functions open corresponding reports from the Versino Financial Suite. This supports efficient navigation and integrated working.

Quick access to creditors and debtors

When you select a customer or vendor in the Cockpit, the system immediately displays important information. This includes the current account balance and the cumulative opening balance at the beginning of the financial year. In addition, the linked reconciliation account, the date of the last reminder, any dunning block, the tax liability and detailed base data of the customer, including the main contact person. Users can refine the search with additional parameters such as cost centres and have the option of calling up directly linked journal entries or receipts. The "Continue to" option makes it easy to initiate further steps, such as the creation of receipts.

Integrate customised queries into the cockpit

In the cockpit, additional functions that are available in SAP Business One query manager integrate stored queries. This enables access to important, customised company information directly from the cockpit. Four special queries are included in the Versino Financial Suite as standard. Among other things, these show information on possible errors in the tax status and dunning and payment blocks of business partners.


The new Versino Financial Suite cockpit is an important step towards improving the daily work of financial accountants who work with SAP Business One. It helps to optimise daily financial processes by providing an improved overview and more efficient data analysis. It complements the already extensive functions of the Versino Financial Suite, which are aimed at expanding and improving financial management within SAP Business One. The combination of intuitive operation and comprehensive functionality supports companies in making their financial processes more efficient and transparent.

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