SAP Business One FP2105
17 July

SAP Business One FP2105

With the update SAP Business One FP2105 (Feature Pack 21SAP Business One FP 2105, numerous new features will be available for the ERP solution from July 2021. These include, for example, many new options in the Web Client for the sales force and the implementation of the new "One Stop Shop" sales tax procedure. (OSS).


Extension import wizard for documents

With the completely new wizard for importing Electronic documents the processing and matching of invoice documents with the "Doc Extractiion API" introduced in the last Feature Pack has been significantly extended again. In addition, the matching of header and line contents has been optimised and the creation of drafts is now possible at the end of processing.


The OSS (VAT) ONE STOP SHOP Procedure offers EU companies a facilitated procedure for registering VAT in only one EU country, regardless of how many EU countries the goods are delivered to. These companies can then use an online portal in the country of registration to declare and pay the VAT due in the customer's country on a quarterly basis.

For this facilitated tax determination, you can use the tax code determination function with SAP Business One FP 2105 or set a default tax code in the business partner master data. Further details and guidance can be found and SAP Business On Note 3062304. (SAP S-User required)

Extension of the linkage plan

With the new update, the functional scope of the link plan has also been considerably expanded and now also includes reference documents. The corresponding link is marked by the red dashed line. In addition, one can remove referenced documents from the plan with the help of a new checkbox or use the option "Referenced documents" in the drop-down menu, with which one can also view "only" referenced documents.

New Mobile Apps for MS-SQL

A significant innovation with Feature Pack 2105 is the provision of two new MS-SQL-based mobile apps for iOS and Android. The first app is designed for sales and allows access to prospects, customer data and inventory regardless of location. . An application for customer service has also been added. With this solution, service technicians have mobile access to the relevant database, making service delivery even easier and more efficient.

Web Client Updates in SAP Business One FP 2105

With SAP Business One FP 2105, various changes have been made to the SAP Business One Web Client. It now offers extended support for the sales area. Sales staff can now process returns, down payment invoices and Outgoing credits view, create and edit documents on the web. These documents are now also available in the company-wide search ("Enterprise Search"). In addition, some tiles have been added to the initial page of the sales module - for example, to start list views and create new receipts.

In addition, the CRM module of SAP Business One FP 2105 is now also accessible via the Web Client. A list view of opportunities has also been added. It makes it possible to view, edit and manage sales and purchasing opportunities. The new "Create Sales Opportunity" tile also takes users directly to the detailed view for creating sales opportunities.

Now the SAP Business One Web Client also supports MS Excel (Office 365). This allows users to transfer list views and search results from the ERP as an Excel file to Microsoft OneDrive and view them online. Also the detailed contents of quotations, sales orders, deliveries, returns, A/R Invoices and some other documents can be exported.

Prior to SAP Business One FP 2105, these two applications were only available from SAP HANA-databases are taken into account.

New Wizard in SAP Business One FP 2105

Another innovation worth mentioning within FP 2105 is the Web Assistant. It provides the user with appropriate information on the current work step in the Web Client while he or she is working. This includes contextual help, guided tours, information on new functions, cross-references to the user manual and videos. The Web Assistant is available for all UI languages.

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