SAP Business One has reached the 50,000!
20 Nov

SAP Business One has 50,000!

Last week, SAP Business One cracked the 50,000 mark. Clicks? Followers? Customers! What did you think... iMerchandise LLC is the name of the medium-sized company that helped SAP reach the milestone. The provider of Ecommerce-solutions sells 110,000 products through more than 25 online channels worldwide. In 2014 alone, the company received almost one million orders. These large numbers made it necessary to use an ERP solution that enables the management of all data and generates reliable reporting.


SAP BTP for SAP Business One

The SAP BTP is an environment that makes it possible to develop cloud solutions and as such also for SAP Business One ...
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SAP Ukraine

SAP reacts to war in Ukraine

Torn by the war in Ukraine and burdened by sanctions, more and more companies are pulling out of business with Russia ...
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Group-wide consolidation of ERP systems

If a company is taken over by another, mostly larger company, the reputation is often raised according to the newly connected ERP systems ...
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Learn with SAP for free

In response to the Corona crisis, SAP has announced further help in the form of an education program. The online learning content is for...
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SAP reacts to the Corona crisis with free access to the trading platform

The international crisis surrounding the convid-19 virus (corona) is affecting almost all areas of the economy. Also and especially international supply chains ...
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coresystems takeover

SAP takes over coresystems AG

For old SAP Business One veterans, the report is a bang. SAP takes over one of the addon forges for SAP ...
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data protection

SAP Business One “GDPR Version” 9.3 Patch4

SAP has released SAP Business One 9.3 with patch level 04. This version specifically addresses the requirements around the ...
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IoT for SAP Business One

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the top topics of digitization in medium-sized companies. Now the Czech Versino has daughter for ...
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sap business one 2018

SAP Business One 2018 – A preview

SAP Business One 2018 is not just a headline, but also the short form of a promise of many innovations and features...
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SAP and the cloud - 460 pages software cloud

A newly published book sheds light on SAP's cloud strategy...
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