SAP Business One in the Amazon Cloud.
4 may

SAP Business One in the Amazon Cloud

The climate in Germany is not exactly getting any milder for business software these days. The recent BND scandal about 'intensive cooperation' with the NSA is fuelling scepticism towards services from the USA.
At the same time, the entire software industry swears by the cloud model. One of the most important players in the cloud market is probably Amazon. Recently, Amazon has even been Interest in buying the cloud giant? Salesforce after said.

In the meantime, Amazon has launched a whole bouquet of Cloud services which is also aimed at SAP Business One users.
Now Amazon has published a detailed guide on how to set up an SAP Business One? environment in the 'Amazon world'. environment. The 34-page document explains step by step which instances and components, including SAP HANA and MS Windows, need to be set up in order to put SAP Business One into operation.
However one may feel about the live distribution of SAP Business One in the Amazon cloud, this is a good and cost-effective opportunity to extensively test SAP Business One based on HANA.

Here you can download the paper>>


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