SAP Business One maintenance, upgrade and update
14 Aug

SAP Business One maintenance, upgrade and update

When it comes to SAP Business One maintenance, there is often a certain amount of confusion. What do you mean with that. And how does that relate to updates and upgrades? We're trying to clarify.

What is the SAP Business One maintenance?

Integrated business software such as SAP Business One requires a maintenance contract. This is essentially an insurance policy for a company's technology investment. Annual maintenance is 20% of the total license purchase. They are usually billed pro rata on a quarterly basis. With the purchase of the annual maintenance you secure access to:

Latest technology to prevent old technology from being left behind the system within software landscapes or in dialogue with other systems.

New capabilities to meet more needs: SAP is constantly improving and introducing new features according to the productroad map a.

Legal changes and compliance: SAP makes significant efforts to identify legal changes as quickly as possible and implement them in functions accordingly.

Reactive & proactive problem solving: Through software patches or problem escalation to SAP support

When will my version of SAP Business One end of maintenance?

SAP announces the end of maintenance for a version very early on.

Just because one version Being no longer maintained does not mean that it will no longer be running by the end of the mainstream maintenance date. If a version is running correctly, it will continue to run correctly after the maintenance date. However, one should keep in mind that any future improvements or software bugs in an old version will not be fixed. The corrections will be made in new versions.

How does my hardware platform affect the SAP Business One upgrade?

SAP publishes a platform support matrix for SAP Business One. This is updated regularly. This matrix shows the server, client, database and desktop platforms supported by each version. Sometimes the server, the clients, the Database or the desktops are updated. Only then can you upgrade SAP Business One to a newer version.

SAP B1 platform support matrix

See the platform support matrix for a variety of hints and special instructions. Even though SAP Business One CAN run on a server or database that isn't listed in the matrix, that doesn't mean you should. Just because it works doesn't mean it's supported. And if there are problems or difficulties on an unsupported platform, SAP cannot help you. We strongly recommend choosing an environment that supports the SAP and listed the platform support matrix.

How do SAP Business One add-ons affect the upgrade?

Some companies have added add-on solutions to SAP Business One to add additional functionality to the software. If Add ons for SAP Business One, these are an important factor in your upgradeability. Most add-on developers receive a pre-release version of future versions of SAP Business One. This allows you to test compatibility. However, SAP never stops or delays major or minor releases because an add-on vendor isn't ready - and most add-on vendors are a little behind SAP's schedule. So one should make sure that the add-on works with the new release compatible before upgrading SAP Business One.

When to update SAP Business One?

This decision should be made in cooperation with the SAP Business One partner. The following points should be checked:

  • Is your SAP Business One version no longer maintained?
  • Which version are you using?
  • What is the latest version of SAP Business One and when was it generally available?
  • Have you checked the additions and improvements in the latest version?
  • What is the product roadmap and when is the next version likely to be released?
  • Have you checked your platforms to make sure your hardware and database are compatible?
  • Have you checked whether all add-on products to SAP Business One that you use are compatible with the new release and the new platforms?

Product Release Upgrades

SAP offers clearly defined upgrade paths for SAP Business One. direct upgrades from one SAP Business One release to another are normally only supported if the currently installed release and the target release are two consecutive releases (e.g. upgrade from 9.3 to 10.0).

If the currently installed release and the target release are more than one version apart (eg 9.1 and 10.0), upgrades may need to be performed in multiple steps depending on technical limitations.

For an overview of upgrade options, see the SAP Business One Upgrade Strategy.

Feature Packs and Hotfixes

Beginning with the SAP Business One 10.0 release in April 2020, continuous innovation will be provided via SAP Business One 10.0 feature packs.

Feature packages are delivered quarterly and contain new functions, corrections and legal changes.

In exceptional cases, a solution to a specific issue must be delivered outside of the quarterly feature pack delivery cycle. The hotfix mechanism enables SAP Business One to immediately deliver the required solution to customers/partners without having to wait for the next feature package delivery.

In very exceptional and rare cases, a hotfix provides a solution to a problem caused by a previous feature pack. This hotfix would be announced through hot news or other specific rollout communications.

Once a hotfix is applied to the customer's installation to resolve the issue, it is recommended to update to the next regular feature pack after release as hotfixes are only provided as temporary solutions. If a hotfix is not applicable to all customers, there is no need to install it as the next regular feature pack will contain that hotfix.

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