SAP Business One enables the support of human resources management in a way that is suitable for medium-sized companies. There are some useful HR management tools in small and medium businesses, but not a full payroll. Since the latter has very different requirements in the different countries that SAP Business One addresses, it is difficult to map payroll accounting with an integrated software package. There are, however, plenty of them interfaces, to the leading payroll accounting systems of the respective countries, such as the DATEV payroll.

Master Data Personal SAP Business One

Employee master data in SAP Business One

In principle, the personnel master data in the personnel module is structured quite simply and includes a number of fields whose meaning is self-explanatory. Any pertinent information about employees can be placed here, including images and associated files or documents.

Org chart staff
Org chart SAP Business One Personal

The employees are also defined here in terms of their function. A person can
be a user, a salesperson, a supervisor, a technician, a manager, etc. at the same time.
The affiliations to teams and the roles in these teams are determined.
At the Personal level, data such as marital status, number of children, citizenship, passport number, health insurance, social security, etc. are entered.
Under "Finances" you maintain bank details, the salaries and costs of the employees.

time sheet

With the time sheet, SAP Business One offers a way of recording the time or lines of employees. In this journal, data such as work order number, financial project, cost center, work item, service call number, breaks, non-billable time, effective time, billable time, etc. can be recorded. The recorded data can then be called up in overviews for each personnel number.

HR reports

Depending on your selection criteria, reports can be created for all aspects of human resources management, which display the contact details of all employees in the company, display employee absences for the entire company or a specific department, or generate telephone directories or employee lists.

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