With SAP Business One printouts of documents and reports can be created immediately after the creation of a company database. It is also possible to send the print layouts via e-mail in the same process. In SAP Business One there are corresponding print templates for the respective documents and reports. These can be used from the print template, but they can also be adapted for printing according to your own wishes.

Printing receipts and reports

In SAP Business One, you have to create document layouts and reports for printouts. Document layouts refer to the individual document types, such as invoice and delivery, which are then assigned a print layout. Reports, on the other hand, are data records compiled according to certain selection criteria with a defined template for printing the respective report.

Advertisements and their printouts

The levels of the screen display and the printout of a document or report do not necessarily influence each other. These are two levels to be controlled independently, so that, for example, the addition of a column for the display of a document for the printout has to be followed up in the layout.

SAP Business One Report & Layout Manager

Crystal Reports for design and print

For the design of reports and documents, SAP Crystal Reports used. Many additional functions of the report generator can be used, which go far beyond the mere display of data. To check the result of the respective configuration before printing, a preview function can be activated.

Automation around the printouts

With SAP Business One, extensive automation can be realised around the generation and printing of documents. This can be the mass printout and dispatch of layouts, or also the automatic printout when adding or changing the status of a document. Even the change of layouts depending on different parameters or business partners is possible.

Printer routing and control

In interaction with the respective network environment, it is also possible to control certain printers for certain tasks. Whether these are mass printers in the administration or label printers in the warehouse, which are fed with corresponding layouts for printing.

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