SAP Business One – Reporting
8 Dec

SAP Business One – Reporting

All sorts of requirements for SAP Business One reporting are what a user makes after the introduction of SAP B1. Meaningful reports based on integrated data management are usually right at the top of the list of requirements for a SAP Business One - Introduction. Various options and tools are available to the SBO user for such reports.

Many ways to get reports for SAP B1

Reports for SAP Business One can be generated inside or outside the application. There are various Add ons for the SAP Business One - Reporting available or extensions with own tools. In addition, you can also use some things from the SAP world that are not or not only provided for SAP Business One. It is not only important how reports for SAP Business One are generated. The provision, control, distribution and automation of reporting are also among the important features.

SAP Business One Reporting begins in the program

SAP Business One report with filter
SAP Business One report with filter

SAP B1 already reports a lot to its users without them having to use any additional tools for reporting. Standardized tabular views of a module's data can be found in abundance in SBO. These can then be exported to Excel or other formats such as Word or PDF. Such tabular views can also include results of custom queries on the database or product Drag & Relate be. The result is often sufficient as a quick source of information for the user. The advantage of viewing a report in SAP Business One is that you can use the orange arrow can jump to the next levels of information. However, you can also filter the report directly and generate a quick data excerpt. So when looking for an overview in SBO, it's worth going back to the standard reports, queries, and report functions first.

Pervasive analytics in SAP Business One

SAP Business One Pervasive Analytics Designer
SAP Business One Pervasive Analytics Designer

SAP Business One offers a powerful and at the same time easy-to-use analysis tool as standard – the Pervasive Analytics Designer. With the solution, key performance indicators (KPI) and two Dashboard-Create and edit types: Pervasive and Advanced. The views generated in this way can then be displayed in the cockpit according to user rights and preferences. It is therefore about a quick overview and constant control of relevant company figures.

MS Excel Interactive Analysis reports

SAP Business One - Excel Interactive Analysis Designer
SAP Business One - Interactive Analysis Designer

MS Excel's Pivot Table allows you to interactively analyze business data and derive new insights from it. In addition, an individual report can be created on the basis of MS Excel, which is closely linked to SAP Business One. You can get the data from SAP HANAmodels (semantic layers) and then extend, calculate and edit them. In addition, the Excel Report Designer tool offers numerous chart options for visualizing data sets, including dimensions and key figures, grouping and filter options, and parameter definitions.

SAP Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports SAP Business One

With the business intelligence (BI) tool SAP Crystal Reports, analytical reports from SAP and non-SAP data sources such as SQL Server, MySQL, XML data sources, MS Excel and more. It is a standard reporting tool for SAP Business One database on MS-SQL and SAP HANA platforms. Crystal Reports provides a free designer license within SAP Business One and allows a single installation on a workstation if you have licensed SAP Business One or the SAP Business One version for HANA. This license can only be used in combination with SAP Business One or add-ons. Additional designer licenses can be purchased. No viewer licenses are required to view forms or reports. Also included is Crystal Dashboard Design and Runtimes. This enables the user to display the data contained in the system in sophisticated, dynamic reports.

Exports with SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

Analyzes can be published in a variety of different file formats. These include MS Word and MS Excel. The reports can be sent directly via e-mail or published on the Internet. Enhanced web reporting allows other users in a group to view and edit analytics through their browser.

Crystal Dashboard Designer for SAP B1

Crystal Report Dashboard
Crystal Report Dashboard

With Crystal Dashboard Design, SAP Business One users can create customized dashboards and views for reports - without any programming. SAP Business One comes with a ready-to-use dashboard that provides an instant overview of key business data. You can also create interactive dashboards yourself.

Coresuite Country Package

core suite designer for SAP B1
core suite designer for SAP B1

Certainly already a veteran among the add-ons for SAP Business One, the coresuite country package is still highly relevant in terms of reporting. In terms of usability and features, it can outperform SAP's own solutions at one point or another. It also comes with a number of piggybacked standard reports that you won't find in the SAP B1 standard.

The coresuite designer can be opened directly from SAP Business One. This allows the report creator to check the field data (column name) directly in SBO at any time. A number of help functions are available with the coresuite designer, including Simple Scripting ( with code completion and highlighting, simple charts, extensive reports with subreports, pivot tables, charts, RTF text, barcodes, Graphics and .net scripting

With the coresuite designer you can not only create tables, but also diagrams and instrument analyses. The pivot element can also be used for reporting (OLAP).
The pivot object collects data in multiple dimensions. It is also possible to build more complex constructions by implementing any number of levels. A number of special functions are available in the pivot table to make the calculation easier.

Sophisticated functions for printer control and e-mailing complete the picture.

MS – Power Bi for SAP Business One

Power BI Marketing Selection SAP Business One
MS Power BI for SAP Business One

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of business intelligence tools Software as a Service (SAAS) to be provided. With Power BI, company data can be evaluated in the cloud, the results provided in graphic form and easily shared with others on any device.

Various databases, web services and files can be used as data suppliers. The Power BI system ensures that the most up-to-date data from the different data sources is always displayed and formatted correctly. Various gateways are available for the integration of local or cloud databases.

With the Versino Power Bi integration All important SAP Business One data structures are available to start evaluating immediately. The resulting interactive reports based on your SAP Business One data can be accessed from SAP B1, on the web, mobile, or from your Office 365 account. The Power BI Embedded service also allows the integration of special applications.


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