The SAP B1 development environment and SDK

SAP Business One Studio Suite is a modern development platform for SAP B1. The SAP B1 Tool is an effective, integrated studio for developing extensions based on SAP Business One. The Software Development Kit (SDK) consists of two editions: SAP B1 Studio and SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio.

SAP Business One Studio Platform

SAP Business One Studio is an open platform based on the .NET framework. Currently, this platform supports two types of designers: the Add-on Designer and the Workflow Designer. With SAP B1Studio, one can open SAP Business One forms in edit mode, modify the existing controls and logic, or add new controls to forms. You can also design your own forms.

ScreenPainter in SAP B1 Studio

SAP B1 SDK not only contains all the functionalities of ScreenPainter, but also extends the functionalities and optimises the usability of ScreenPainter. The SAP Business One ScreenPainter is an extension to SAP Business One respectively the UI API of SAP B1. The ScreenPainter is the original tool for creating forms with the same appearance as the SAP Business One forms.

Microsoft Visual Studio

In addition to the functionalities of its own development environment, the MS SQL version uses the functions of Microsoft Visual Studio for development, such as code generation, project and element template wizard, code intelligence, user-friendly GUI and so on. The SDK is used for programming seamless interfaces to external applications. In addition, own features up to extensions with module character can be developed.

SAP Business One SDK provides support for a wide range of development environments and languages, including Visual Basic, Visual C ++ and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (C #, Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET).


The User Interface API (UI-API) is used to create new screens or modify existing screens. Menu items can be added or dialogue boxes in SAP Business One can be modified. The UI API is also responsible for accessing system events.

The Data Interface API (DI API) is used to connect SAP Business One with external applications/processes in real time. It can be used independently of the front end for SAP Business One. With the Java connection, all the possibilities and flexibility of the DI-API can be used in a Java development environment.

SAP Business One Service Layer

SAP Business One Service Layer

The SAP Business One Service Layer is a REST-based API that enables the use of SAP Business One data and services. It is based on HTTP and OData and provides a unified method of delivering business objects. As it is a REST-based service, developers can develop applications in any programming language such as ASP, JAVA or PHP.

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