SAP Business One - The Practical Guide No. 5.
25 Sep

SAP Business One - The Practical Guide No. 5

SAP Business One - the Practical Guide is now available in a new, fifth edition. It is recognised as the guide and Manual for SAP's ERP for SMEs.

Manual updated and expanded

The new edition of SAP Business One - The Practical Guide has not only been adapted to the new versions since the fourth edition of the guide. The manual has also been significantly expanded. Until now, the user had to do almost entirely without a treatment of the Production control with SAP Business One, on the other hand, this gap has now been filled.

Reference book in all areas

from the content

  • Basics and navigation
  • base data
  • Purchasing (Materials Management) and Sales (Sales)
  • warehouse management and resources
  • production planning
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Master agreements
  • finance and bank processing
  • Personnel (HR)
  • Distribution and service
  • Campaign management
  • project management

The reference book on SAP Business one examines all areas for the user in detail. The manual deals in detail with Purchasing, distribution, warehouse management, financial accounting, Service handling and human resources management. The relatively new module on project management is not neglected either. But production and material requirements planning are now also fully included.

Exercises, instructions, tips and tricks

The manual is not only a handbook to serve as a reference book. With numerous exercises, tips and tricks, the book is also a good training basis for self-study or as a supplement to corresponding seminars. The manual addresses all levels of expertise around SAP Business One. The manual supports newcomers, users and experts in the field of SAP Business One, Key user or adviser.

Process-oriented practical handbook

The didactic approach of SAP Business One - The Practical Handbook is not oriented towards a work through of the functions of the ERP Software. The manual always addresses the associated business processes. After all, the processes of a company are what ERP software like SAP Business One is supposed to map.

“SAP Business One – The practical handbook" (ISBN 978-3-8362-7245-2) is available from the Reinwerk publishing house published and available in print and as an e-book. It has 966 pages and is of course also available on Amazon.

It costs 79.90 EUR hardback and 74.00 EUR as an e-book.

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