SAP Business One the solution for ambitious ERP projects?
8 Nov

SAP Business One the solution for ambitious ERP projects?

For a long time, the self-evident label 'SAP's small solution' was used. Sap Business One was attached to it. And at first glance, it works: a clear solution with clear menus and clear functionality.


In the course of the last few years, however, there have been projects that have attracted attention not only because of their user numbers, but also because of their functionality and complexity. Of course, this was often due to the ever-growing ADDONS.

In the meantime, however, SAP Business One, precisely because of its openness, also brings tools such as b1iThe new, more ambitious and sometimes completely new ways of doing things are also available.

When we then recently saw the programme of the Business Partnering Convention 2010 in Munich, we immediately thought of the topic ?ERP and CRM brakeman or stable, innovative solutions? and thought: 'That's where we should really go'.

At second glance, it was noticeable: This is a relatively illustrious group: many a CIO from well-known companies and corporations is represented at the event, which, in addition to the organiser bayme (bayme - Bayerischer Unternehmensverband Metall und Elektro e. V.) also the trade journals Computerwoche and CIO invite.

Last but not least, the SAP strongly represented. Among others, the head of the medium-sized Andreas Naunin be a keynote speaker.

And of course SAP Business by Design will also be presented. Of course, it's another topic of the congress. cloud computing.

Is that where we belong? Do we have anything to say on the subject of ERP and CRM - brakemen or stable, innovative solutions?

Absolutely !


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