SAP Business One Update 9.1 - the new version and its features
19 Dec

SAP Business One Update 9.1 - the new version and its features

The new version of SAP Business One has been on the market since this week. The innovations are intended to improve user-friendliness and reduce the total cost of ownership.

The new version contains advanced business processessuch as resource support in the production module. This provides more transparency in managing resource capacity and costs during production. In addition, the user can evaluate inventory based on batch numbers and calculate a profit margin for a specific number or batch.

Furthermore, the new version supports the Data reconciliation in several business units. This enables a trader to improve his customer service, for example, as customer data is available to him everywhere.

The improved User-friendliness is shown by the facilitated Creation of individual user interfaces. For example, frequently used screens can be added to the user interface and other fields can be hidden without administrative help. The Work Center of the new version is based on HTML5 and helps users to quickly access their personalised views.

In addition, the new version is intended to simplify the data upload by presetting default values. Implementation cycles shortened be made available. The integrated lifecycle management is also intended to accelerate installation, update and support processes and reduce costs.

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