SAP Business One - What is - What will
16 Nov

SAP Business One - What is - What will be

Recently, we have noticed (to our delight) a rapidly increasing interest in SAP Business One. Among other things, this is probably also due to the fact that SAP has discovered what a treasure it has developed here. A discovery that then led to the consistent expansion of the application, so that today we can say: SAP Business One has never been better and closer to setting a real benchmark for medium-sized company solutions. The sales figures for SAP Business One, which, according to reports from Walldorf, have exceeded expectations for several quarters in a row, prove just how worthwhile this path is.

SAP Business One Interface

Fittingly, there is also news that a major SAP event in 2012 will focus exclusively on SAP Business One.

A publication of the SAP medium with the title: All Eyes on Business One a. (Unfortunately only in English) goes into depth about the near and also somewhat more distant future of SAP Business One.

As this article is the 200th entry in our SAP Business One Blog, we have taken the trouble to reproduce the quintessence from this article in German and to expand it a bit, which results in a relatively good assessment of where SAP Business One stands.

A look at the upcoming version 8.82

The latest version of SAP Business One now supports the complete campaign management process: from the creation of marketing campaigns, the management of campaign data, to the generation of leads and sales opportunities, to the analysis of results.

In addition, with version 8.82, the serial number functions have been significantly expanded. At the same time, the "pick and pack" process, i.e. the selection of items from the warehouse, the packaging and the dispatch of these products to the customer, has also been improved.

An enhanced MRP module is also delivered with version 8.82. This includes a powerful and flexible MRP wizard with recommendation reports and improved forecasting capabilities.

With the new Framework contract function companies can manage long-term sales or purchase contracts. The resulting information is then also used for expected revenues, cash flow calculations and procurement processes.

Other highlights of the latest version of SAP Business One include an SDK enhancement, dashboard enhancements, integrated multi-language and multiDatabase-SAP Crystal Reports functions as well as report and layout management, country-specific enhancements and a master data wizard to cleanse the system of data that is no longer needed.

In planning: Business One with HANA / 2012

Hana Performance

The next set of enhancements for SAP Business One will be delivered in three versions: Versions 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2. The first release, version 9.0, is planned for Q4 2012, with versions 9.1 and 9.2 expected in 2013. Over the course of these three releases, SAP will bring many new features and innovations. The most significant of these is, without doubt, the full integration of SAP HANA database technology.

In 2012, SAP Business One will be the first SAP core application to run entirely on SAP HANA.. as SAP Executive Board member, Vishal Sikka said in his keynote at SAP TechEd in Madrid.

Further improvements in Release 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2

Among others:

  • User experience improvements
  • Integration into the .Net development environment for a unified development suite
  • Business workflow improvements
  • Extensions to the units of measurement and price units
  • Extension of the pricing engine, including cross-pricing
  • Storage spaces
  • Expansion of lifecycle management
  • Banks / Finances Extensions
  • ...

Roadmap until 2015

Versions 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2 of SAP Business One are planned for release in 2014 and 2015. The planned features will focus on the future direction of SAP Business One.
In the coming years, the application will increasingly evolve from an ERP system to an Platform for companies that need a constantly growing software.


The SAP Business One Integration Framework (B1iF) is integral to this future goal. B1iF is an integration framework based on the SAP Core platform that enables companies to easily connect to SAP and non-SAP systems, including other Business One instances, mobile applications, corporate groups (to map subsidiaries) and EDI systems.

Companies are therefore able to standardise and automate business processes. 1,500 subsidiary companies are already using Business One.

Various delivery models

The now extreme scalability of SAP Business One has also led to the fact that delivery via different channels is possible and also necessary in order to do justice to the different user groups.
The starter package can be implemented in three to ten days, at a fraction of the cost of the standard application. As companies grow, they can then upgrade to more functionality and eventually to the full version of SAP Business One.
Furthermore, SAP has recently introduced subscription-based hosting for Business One. This eliminates the lead time for installation in the company and saves IT costs.
Whether as a starter package, hosting or standard application, Business One is not licensed directly from SAP but through partners. There are around 820 SAP Value Added Resellers(VAR) worldwide and around 300 SAP Software Solution Partners. SAP Business One has so far been sold in over 80 countries worldwide and is available in 40 country-specific versions and 26 languages.

Business One for iPhone and iPad

SAP also offers a mobile app for Business One. The SAP Business One Mobile App for the iPhone and iPad . With over 26,000 installations, it is one of the most downloaded SAP applications in the iTunes App Store.
SAP Business One Mobile not only allows you to access business data in Business One, it also allows you to interact with it. These changes are automatically updated in the Business One backend. Businesses do not need to worry about security: There is no data storage or caching on the device, and business data is accessed via SSL or VPN via secure online servers.

The mobile app requires SAP Business One 8.81 in the backend and iOS 4.0 or higher on your mobile device. Every mobile user needs a Professional, Limited (Finance, Logistics or CRM), or Starter Package licence. The mobile application supports all Business One languages.

Depending on the version of the app (1.20, 1.30 or 1.40) there are differences in functionality, The most important functions of Business One Mobile are:

  • Set alerts for specific events, such as deviations from the approved discount, price or credit limit, among others.
  • authorise accesses
  • Use and sharing of integrated SAP Crystal Reports
  • Retrieve interactive dashboards and use predefined dashboards for sales, analytics and cash flow
  • Retrieve customer and partner information and create new entries
  • Synchronisation of activities with the mobile calendar
  • Searching for contacts on a map and route planning
  • Monitoring of warehouses and stocks

Some new features will be introduced with the Version 1.50 be available . These are only supported in conjunction with SAP Business One 8.82:

  • Create sales orders and quotations
  • Manage service calls
  • BusinessObjects interactive relationship map support
  • SAP Crystal Reports with selection criteria and parameters
  • New UI design for the iPad

The Addons

If today SAP Business One has soon reached 36,000 installations and 500,000 users, a few flowers in the "congratulatory bouquet" belong to the add-on manufacturers. The many extensions have opened the door to sectors that cannot be addressed in this way, or at least not at this speed.

In the German-speaking world, there are a few trendsetters who have driven and influenced the development of Business One. Three examples:

coresystems - The innovators

Of course it says here coresystems in the front row. The young Swiss troupe has blown a lot of fresh air into the sometimes oh-so-dry ERP world and is still doing so. With their coresuite cloud coresystems makes a hybrid solution possible in interaction with SAP Business One, which combines the strengths of both worlds. And the countrypackage with the customizer has become the secret standard of every Business One installation.

Maringo - The Complete

SAP Business One with the MariProject extensionThe SAP software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is a truly complete solution for project-oriented companies that is unparalleled in its depth of functions. The project planning and controlling software provides everything from a single source. From quotation calculation, employee and article planning, time and cost recording, release, invoicing to accounting and project evaluation, MariProject supports all central business processes in companies. The company sizes that can be mapped with it have long since extended the originally intended dimensions far upwards. 100 and more users are rather normal, but 500 and more are no problem.

variatec - The integrated

It is of course true that the standard SAP Business One is not suitable for somewhat larger manufacturing companies. However, variatec has more than thoroughly remedied this gap. There is probably no other add-on that is so integrated in Business One and transforms Business One into a thoroughbred PPS that can offer all the comforts of the 'mother application'. At the moment, the company is working on integrating the purchased package for plant manufacturers (Trimergo) into Business One. plant builder in the same way - one can be curious.

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