SAP Business One with top position in project management.
30 June

SAP Business One with top position in project management

A current survey on the topic project management in the German SME sector came to a result worth seeing. The market research and analyst firm techconsult asked 242 companies about the use of software as a project management solution. Besides common IT aids such as Microsoft Excel (53%) and Microsoft Project (38%), SAP Business One is the most sought-after solution, used by a full 30% of respondents.

Statistics SAP Business One Project Management

Since a large part of the value added in the German Medium-sized companies is delivered through projects, these software tools are becoming increasingly important for companies. The development and implementation of these projects are becoming increasingly complex, as they extend into the most diverse areas of the company and in many cases can no longer be carried out by individual companies.

Since the successful completion of such large-scale projects involves not only the project goal, but also everything that contributes to making the budget is not exceeded and the project is completed on time, the software must cover many levels.

SAP Business One offers support here as a completely integrable ERP solution. Through SAP Business One and the various project management Add-ons all factors related to the project can be brought together without the need for time-consuming work steps. Due to the database that SAP Business One constantly provides, the project management can make quick and efficient decisions and react flexibly to changes.

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