SAP Business One with Versino at Crown Technics
13 July

SAP Business One with Versino at Crown Technics

Customer praise is a pleasure to hear, and even more so when it is expressed so publicly. Quote: "...the people from versino came across as very competent right from the start...". End of quote.
This is what Daimain Kramer, the managing director of the Crown Technics Limited felt that way. The trading company Crown Technics Limited, founded in 1987, sells sewing machines and has recently been doing so supported by SAP Business One. Since its introduction, SAP Business One has ensured more transparency and optimisation of the processes in the internationally oriented business of the Swiss company.

The use of SAP Buinsess One at Crown Technics shows that it can also make a big difference for small companies to rely on a new system. Not only companies that stand for mass with mass can benefit significantly from an agile system solution. Fortunately, we can show again and again how this can be implemented for small and medium-sized companies. This example also shows that even companies in which processes have proven themselves for more than a decade can still grow with a new system. Especially small companies that have a large customer base and work internationally are dependent on functioning and transparent processes so that they do not have to cut back on efficiency. One example for companies in the specialised trade is warehousing. Ordering and inventory are in a constant state of flux and pose a constant challenge to operations. Delays or misjudgements are often based on the assumptions made by decision-makers on the basis of available data. However, if this data is not available in full and in real time, decisions are made on the basis of false facts. A system solution such as SAP Business One makes data both "close to reality" and retrievable. This is also the case at Crown Technics Limited - as the customer can see in the video.

We are also pleased that the employees felt comfortable and understood at Versino. A success story to be reckoned with!