SAP Business One (SAP B1) is a ERP system, which was designed especially for medium-sized companies. SAP Business One was designed with the idea that even smaller companies need an ERP solution to manage their business. However, this should not contain such complex functional equipment as is found in large ERP suites SAP can be found. At the same time, SAP Business One wants to provide solutions for the diverse and different requirements of medium-sized companies through great flexibility.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system contains modules for finance, customer relationship management (CRM), warehousing & logistics, production control, service. project management and Purchasing. The reporting system and the analytical functions are based on these modules.

SAP Business One - Features
SAP Business One functionality

SAP B1 was actually developed as software by TopManage Financial Systems in Israel. In 2002, SAP acquired the Israeli company. After the full company takeover, SAP B1 was expanded to include additional functions. A reporting and financial planning function called XL Reporter was acquired by Norwegian company iLytix Systems AS in 2005. In the course of acquiring the Minneapolis-based Software Solutions practice in 2006, SAP integrated its web-based CRM and e-commerce functions into SAP B1.
Also in 2006 came the integration platform as an important building block SAP B1if added, which was designed as a data hub for networking the SAP system, but also other software landscapes. With the takeover of BusinessObjects by SAP, their reporting and analysis tool also became Crystal Reports integrated into SAP Business One.

SAP B1 was initially only up Microsoft SQL Server built, but now also runs on the SAP HANA in-memory platform. It can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud, and accessed remotely via an app. The current version is SAP Business One 10.0.

SAP has organized the sale of SAP Business One primarily through a partner network that includes over 700 partners. This network of partners has more than 500 industry-specific or feature-enhancing applications (Add ons) created. The ERP system used by around 70,000 customers.

SAP B1 - Webclient
SAP Business One Web Client

Sales & distribution control

With SAP Business One you control the sales activities of your company! In an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) you always have an overview of customers, sales opportunities, processes, offers, customer orders and sales.

Your entire sales process – controlled in one application

Track all inquiries, customer contacts and competitors and coordinate all actions centrally and in one solution. With the help of the integration options of SAP B1, you integrate e-mail, telephone and social networks and control communication in all channels.

Standardize your sales process and gain important insights into the performance of your sales and your employees. Measure the economic success of your strategy and define processes and responsibilities.

Calculate offers based on customer-specific conditions or easily create price lists for special offers, seasonal offers and discounts. Present your offers with multilingual data in individual layouts and languages. Transfer the successful conclusion with all conditions directly to an order or Framework Agreement – without any double entry.

Marketing & Service

SAP B1 screen
SAP B1 desktop

Plan campaigns, measure success and develop the right marketing strategies. From sales preparation to segmentation of the target groups and market development to qualification of contacts - with SAP Business One you can manage your entire marketing more efficiently.

Use the integration functions of SAP Business One to address the customer directly at the point of sale and transfer it to a central system. Define workflows, analyze your marketing in SAP Business One and control the results. Transfer the collected data directly into a coordinated sales process.

The essential content


Always in the know and save valuable work by automating processes - with the fully integrated financial management from SAP Business One.

Keep a complete overview of your finances
Postings and transactions in the general ledger are generated directly from business transactions.
Supplement your standard charts of accounts or create completely new charts of accounts. Use the numerous country versions of SAP Business One to meet the requirements of the different countries directly in the application. With the internationally oriented accounting software, you can keep track of currencies and exchange rates.
With SAP Business One, yours accounting All data for tax determination and all requirements and functionalities for IFRS-compliant balance sheet preparation are available at all times.

SAP Business One for maximum transparency

SAP Business One enables you to process your banking transactions. A separate module supports you in reconciling accounts, queries or corresponding payments. The values determined in this way serve as the basis for further financial functions in SAP Business One. Get transparency about the status of your finances, monitor budgets and control them cash flow. Map the company's cost structures by assigning multidimensional cost centers and distribution rules. The distribution of the costs incurred in the case of fully integrated cost accounting shows optimization possibilities.

purchasing and storage

SAP Business One supports your company's entire procurement process and enables you to optimally and efficiently control every work step centrally. 1,000 process steps – from a single source Use the advantages of the central and fully integrated data management in SAP Business One to be able to buy on the best terms and get the best offers. You analyze all of your needs and place orders immediately based on the information and condition data stored in SAP Business One.

Upon receipt of the goods, call up all purchasing data in just one application, compare the deliveries, carry out the dispatch of the goods and inform your employees about the receipt of goods and special features. Trigger supplier returns directly from the goods receipt, call up goods receipt data immediately when reconciling the supplier invoice or use the simple connection of scanner systems for quick processing of goods receipts.

Distribute the goods to different, freely definable warehouses and design the storage in the different dimensions. Participate in the integration of all business processes in SAP Business One in the warehouse and evaluate your stocks according to standard prices, moving average prices or FIFO (First In First Out). Create inventories with SAP Business One and automatically carry out all necessary postings in the SAP system.


With its extensive range of functions, the standard version of SAP Business One is optimally equipped to support a production or assembly operation. Reduce time and costs by centrally managing all production steps from one application.

Calculate demand based on forecast and order data and use it to determine future product needs. A planning assistant in SAP Business One guides you in determining the material requirements and suggests the optimal purchase and production quantities. Based on your orders, you can expeditiously BOMs and generate production orders or order directly from production orders.

Complete SAP B1 with the industry-specific function extensions to a fully equipped ERP/PPS system.

project management

Merge your accounting data with your projects in one central location - the project management module from SAP Business One allows you to do this!

All projects on screen - and in one software:
With project management in SAP B1, users can now bundle all project-related processes, resources and activities in one place. Larger or more complex projects can be divided into individual sub-projects or phases. In this way, you always have an overall view of the projects and can make structured changes.

Reports and Analysis

With the reports and analyzes from SAP Business One, you gain new insights and can continuously optimize the processes in your company. Get business data from a central database or access via drill down, Drag&Relate and integrated ads heading straight for them.

Make decisions based on data

SAP Business One - Analytics
SAP Business One - Analytics

Create meaningful reports with graphic support from SAP B1. You can look up data for further evaluation Microsoft Excel export. Dynamically run through different scenarios in dashboards to simplify the decision.

Benefit from the innovative in-memory technology SAPHANA and their analysis functions. This allows you to analyze data in real time and check it in scenarios to identify current development opportunities and risks.

Mobile applications in SAP Business One

SAP Business One - Mobile Apps
SAP Business One - Mobile Apps

Access your company information wherever and whenever you want. Whether you are a CEO, executive, service representative or sales representative, with the mobile clients from SAP Business One, you can track all your activities from anywhere. Mobilizing your company data Find out about work processes in your company or maintain the information and processes of your prospects, customers and suppliers and act directly in the application. All company data is automatically compared with your mobile device.

Get the current company data from SAP Business One in real time and presented in clear dashboards. In sales you can access all customer data in the app and generate opportunities, orders and offers. Check your inventories and product-specific information, purchase and sales prices, deliverable quantities and product images or query current stock levels and product details with images and product descriptions.

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