Journal vouchers in SAP Business One are a central element for efficient financial management. These documents serve as a kind of preliminary stage for the final posting and offer companies flexibility and security when recording complex financial transactions. This article dives into the functionality, application options and benefits of pre-entered documents to give you a comprehensive overview.

What are journal vouchers?

Journal vouchers are a collection of journal entries in SAP Business One. Although these have been prepared, they have not yet been finally transferred to the posting journal. These documents offer a provisional parking function for postings that have not yet been finalised for various reasons, whether due to the need for further information or due to reconciliation requirements.

Application and management

The management of pre-captured documents takes place in the Finance, where users receive an overview of all open and already posted vouchers. By selecting a specific document, you can also view and edit the journal entries it contains. A practical example of this is the recording of accruals and transfers at the end of the year, which are pre-entered and finalised at a later date.

Editing and supplementation

The flexibility of pre-created receipts is particularly evident in the ability to edit and add to receipts at a later date. Users can make additions at any time, whether by adding further posting lines or adjusting existing entries, in order to ensure an accurate representation of the financial facts.

New creation and deletion

Creating new journal vouchers is a simple process that is initiated by pressing the button for a new folder. It is just as easy to delete individual journal entries or entire journal vouchers if they are not required.

Advantages and possible applications

Incidentally, one of the biggest advantages of pre-captured vouchers is the ability to save the processing status at any time. This applies even if the postings have not yet been cleared. This enables flexible handling of financial transactions that need to be processed in stages.

You can also include parked vouchers in financial reports. This allows you to minimise the effects of parked postings on the balance sheet or analyse the profit and loss account. This makes it possible to make changes and check the financial impact before the final posting.

Posting of pre-captured documents

As soon as journal vouchers are complete and contain all the necessary information, they can be posted. SAP Business One not only allows the entire document to be posted, but also individual journal entries within a journal voucher. This provides an additional level of detailed control and flexibility in financial accounting.


Pre-entered documents in SAP Business One offer companies a powerful tool for efficient and flexible handling of their Financial transactions. The ability to pre-enter, process and partially post receipts enables precise financial accounting. This makes it easier to prepare for financial statements and audits. The pre-entered documents provide users with a flexible and secure system that meets the requirements of modern financial management.

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