The functions related to project management in SAP Business One accesses many areas and data from other modules. These include business partners, documents and activities, resources and financial management including cost accounting

SAP Business One introduced project management functionality in version 9.2 to manage projects, sub-projects, tasks, documents, transactions, resources, estimated and actual costs and other relevant information. In addition to a main project, a hierarchy of sub-projects can be set up in SAP Business One.

Project components in SAP Business One

The project in SAP Business One is defined by the following data and information:

  • Project
    As a minimum, a project must always be assigned a stage.
  • subproject
    A project can consist of several sub-projects
  • Step
    Levels can be connected below projects or sub-projects.
  • tasks
    Stages can have tasks
  • open issues
    Open problems can be recorded for each task
  • Attachments
    You can also add attachments per task
  • supporting documents
    At the task level supporting documents addressed and displayed.
  • work orders
    You can also create and call up a work order or production order for each task.
  • activities
    You can also create activities for each task.

source of the project

SAP Business One - Project Overview

The project management module in SAP Business One makes it possible to work with both internal and external projects. It doesn't matter which projects are currently being worked on within the company or with external participants or business partners.


SAP Business One includes the following five phases as standard: Conception/Initiation, Definition/Planning, Implementation/Execution, Execution and Control, Closure Phase. However, if required, one can also define individual phases and the tasks associated with these phases. The planned costs for a certain phase are stored in a corresponding field. Further one can get financial information from the documents like bills deposit.

Billing Assistant

With the help of SAP Business One, accounting can be automated directly from the project. Of the Wizard collects open documents and billable items such as sales and purchase documents, activities, work orders and timesheets related to the project to invoice them via purchase invoices or purchase receipts. 

Gantt chart

SAP Business One - Gantt Chart

The project management module in SAP Business One can be used to view the projects in a graphical Gantt- Show chart format. The phases, dependencies and the completion rate can be clearly displayed.

Project reports in SAP Business One

The project management module provides three types of reports:

  • Phase analysis - phases of the project/sub-project according to the selection criteria;
  • Open points – open or closed points recorded in a project/sub-project according to the selection criteria;
  • Resources – resources related to a project/subproject in a work order according to the selection criteria.
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