SAP Business One Purchasing

The SAP Business One – Purchasing module covers the entire procurement process. This includes
purchase requisitions, Offers, Master agreements, orders, goods receipts, returns, incoming invoices, incoming credits and other purchase receipts.

SAP Business One Purchasing / Procurement / Warehouse
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The procurement process in SAP Business One - Purchasing includes the following most important stages of documents:

  • Framework Agreement
  • order request
  • supplier request
  • an order
  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Return Request
  • return
  • incoming invoice
  • incoming credit

The entire purchasing process can be mapped in SAP Business One, from the framework agreements to the incoming invoice or, if required, the incoming credit note.
Most of the masks of the module SAP Business One - Purchasing bid during the entire process
the ability to work with items or services (services).
However, you can only create a document of the item type for items that are in your item master data.
trunk are identified. These items can be inventoried or non-inventoried items. An advantage of item type documents is that the accounting transactions are usually included in account determination, item groups or warehouses are predefined and passed on to the documents involved. The service document comes without article and allows the free description of a purchase good without referencing a quantity.

order request

Purchase requisitions are used to request items, services or accessories from the purchasing department. After submission, the purchasing department checks the purchase requests. It then obtains price and delivery information from the suppliers for the desired items or services. The information can then be sent back to the requester and finally converted into a purchase order by copying the enquiry into a purchase order.

Purchasing Framework Agreements

Purchasing framework agreements are long-term agreements between a purchasing organization and a supplier. Master purchase agreements allow suppliers to offer an agreement or contract for goods or services without having to specify exact delivery dates. If there is a framework agreement with a supplier, SAP Business One automatically links the purchasing documents to the relevant framework agreement. This allows the prices agreed with the business partner to be transferred directly to the purchasing documents.

Supplier request SAP Business One
supplier request

Supplier request in SAP Business One Purchasing

the Supplier request in SAP Business One represents the next step in the purchasing process after the purchase requisition. After determining the goods or material requirements, there is a further work step: In order to be able to select the best offer from several offers, this request is first sent to a selection of Delivery delivered. The enquiry can be sent electronically as a form from SAP Business One. The customer can then enter their conditions in this form. The best conditions can then be selected from an overview.

an order

A purchase order in SAP Business One - Purchasing is a document sent from a buyer to a seller, which contains the desired items and quantities as well as the agreed prices. In SAP Business One you can call up and create an order directly from the menu. If you were preceded by an offer from the supplier, you can copy the offer to a purchase order, analogous to copying a purchase requisition to an offer. The integration to the supplier inquiry is also applicable: when you copy a purchase offer, you will be asked if you want to close purchase offers with the same group number of the inquiry. Upon confirmation, all other offers sent to suppliers other than the one receiving the order will be closed.

Goods receipt in SAP Business One Purchasing

The Goods receipt form is used to receive the products or services previously purchased through a purchase order. This process is usually carried out by a goods receiving department or directly in the warehouse. The supplier's delivery note can be compared with the corresponding order in real time on the screen. Here too, as everywhere in SAP Business One - Purchasing, the items can be copied from the order.

Return SAP Business One – Purchasing

The form return is used in the sense of a return of goods to return purchased products or services to a supplier. When returning goods, the products you are returning are automatically removed from stock if they are classified as stock items.

purchase deposit request

With a purchase down payment request, the supplier expects a down payment to be made by a certain date. The down payment request does not lead to a posting or inventory entry. If the purchase down payment request is created on the basis of a purchase order or a goods receipt, the base document is not closed afterwards. In this way, the same base document can be copied to a higher-level purchasing document.

purchase deposit invoice

Purchase down payment invoices are used when making a payment to a supplier
for purchases prior to receipt or services in advance. The invoice posting has an effect on accounting. However, it has no effect on the inventory until the order is posted as a goods receipt or the service is provided.

Incoming invoice in SAP Business One Purchasing

Incoming invoices (usually referred to as vouchers in other business systems) are used to record payment for goods and services received from a supplier. You create these purchase invoices when you receive the invoices from your suppliers. Once you have received the invoice, you can refer it to a goods receipt by copying it from the goods receipt to an incoming invoice using the "Copy to" function. Or you can start from the incoming invoice and use the "Copy from" function and select the
Goods receipt from.

incoming credit

The A/P credit memo is the clearing document for the A/P invoice. You create these when you have received products or services from a supplier that you need to return, or when you need to partially or fully reverse an A/P invoice transaction.

Recurring Transactions

Templates can be created for recurring purchasing transactions (e.g. monthly orders for office supplies). To do this, you use parked documents that have already been entered for the purchase. These contain the
the necessary information regarding products, services, Business partner and the associated conditions. SAP Business One uses the repeat information to generate individual copies of the respective periodic predecessors. The corresponding purchase transactions and inventory postings are then executed individually or in batches.

landed prices

Importing goods from other countries is likely to incur additional costs,
like customs, transportation costs, insurance fees and taxes. These so-called landed costs can be assigned to the imported items

Procurement assistant for customer order

Sales Order Procurement Assistant is a tool that SAP Business One
makes available, with which one can create purchase documents (orders, offers or inquiries) and production orders on the basis of offers or orders.
The wizard consists of several steps where you can select specific business partners, specific receipts and receipt types, specify delivery dates, group similar items from one supplier and print the receipts at the same time if you wish.

Reports in SAP Business One - Purchasing

Several purchasing reports are included in SAP Business One. Most of these reports have upstream filters with options that allow many different reports to be generated from a selection. Among others, the following reports can be selected:

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