The SAP Business One Service Module is primarily intended for companies that sell goods and services, offer customers contracts or support agreements, receive calls from customers or suppliers who want a promotion or support within the company (e.g. offers or complaints).

The service structure in contains some elements that are very highly integrated. The base in SAP Business One The service contract is the basis for this. Service calls can be recorded and processed on this data basis. Furthermore, an entry is made in the master data of the customer equipment when serial number items are delivered.

The service contract in SAP Business One

SAP Business One service contract
Service contract in SAP Business One

The basis for services within a service in SAP Business One is the corresponding service contract. This must exist for a customer if they are to receive services in SAP. Such service contracts can also be created as templates and then customised for each customer.

You can store such support contracts or warranty contracts for any item or service in the system for customers. A contract has a term that is determined by a start date and an end date. In addition, contractual conditions are stored, which regulate processing periods, among other things.

Customer equipment master data 

If you have a delivery (delivery note) or an outgoing invoice to a customer, SAP Business One automatically creates a so-called customer equipment. This can then be used to obtain important information: Which customer uses which products, devices, licences, etc.

Service calls in SAP Business One

Service call SAP Business One
Service call in SAP Business One

A service call can be initiated by a customer or supplier through a call, email, web portal or other type of communication and documented in SAP Business One. In the process, all activities, solutions, resourcesThe system records all service calls, issues, documents, etc. Reporting functions allow the service calls documented in the system to be filtered and displayed according to specific criteria. Service calls can thus be viewed from different angles. This can be a specific queue, technician, problem type, priority, article or status or due dates, or time ranges.
Furthermore, there are functions that display the number of open, overdue service calls as a service monitor.

Service solution database

SAP B1 stores the solutions to customer problems documented in the service calls in a centralised solution database. The programme records the description of the causes and the details of the solution. Attachments can also be saved there.

Service Call Connection Plan
Service Call Connection Plan

activities and scheduling

Activities can be generated directly from service calls. These can control all kinds of activities, tasks in or outside of SAP Business One, customer visits, meetings or document creation, etc.

Mobile Service APP for SAP Business One

SAP Business One - Mobile Apps

The SAP Business One Service mobile app enables field technicians to deliver on-site services easily and efficiently using an Android or iOS device. The SAP Business One Service app, which runs on both HANA- as well as on SQL platforms, it enables field service technicians to

  • View service tickets and sync appointments with your calendar
  • View, edit, close, share and print service tickets
  • View details on service contracts and warranties
  • Call customers and view customer locations on a map
  • Scan barcodes or QR codes to identify items and update information
  • Easy check-in and check-out of service calls with automatic time stamp and geolocation
  • Attaching photos and customer signatures to the service call-off
  • Viewing documents related to the service call, e.g. a user manual
  • Display, edit and create customer orders in connection with the service call-off
  • Display of key performance indicators (HANA version only)
  • Monthly closed tickets
  • Annual In-Service Rate
  • The five most frequently repaired items
  • The five most visited customers
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