27 Sep

SAP discovers Turkey ... almost

SAP's activities in booming Turkey are being reported more and more frequently. SAP offers solutions especially for small and medium-sized enterprises in Turkey. The SAP online magazine sap.info reports on an SME Summit where innovations (including SAP HANA, of course) were discussed for the first time.

Late, but not too late, one of the prospering markets was discovered, for which also a Localisation for SAP Business One is offered. However, this is not yet complete and meets very specific requirements of Turkish companies.

Together with Turkish and German companies, the Versino Projects GmbH has now started a project to close these gaps.  The Versino seeks dialogue on thisas a member of the German-Turkish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, on as broad a basis as possible.
This results in somewhat smaller innovations, but not a few urgently needed ones, such as solutions for Big Data on the Bosporus.

Update: Here more about the Turkish country version of SAP Business One from Versino Projects.

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