SAP acquires coresystems AG
5 June

SAP takes over coresystems AG

For old SAP Business One veterans, the announcement is a bang. SAP takes over one of the add-on forges for SAP Business One: Coresystems.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance

A real takeover coup

It's almost reminiscent of a coup from the Bundesliga, where a big club manages to sign a star player. Suddenly the coresystems AG website has a bar in the header that reads: "Coresystems is now part of SAP.

Coresystems the Innovator for SAP Business One

Coresystems has long been the innovation driver in SAP Business One. With its coresuite, it packed a large portion of flexibility and possibilities into SAP's midmarket ERP.
The country package has long been the quasi-standard for SAP Business One installations.
The Swiss regularly attracted attention not only through colourful appearances at trade fairs and sophisticated marketing. Many product ideas were groundbreaking and nevertheless moved further and further away from the launch product SAP Business One.

More and more mobile and field service

More and more, the focus was on Mobil Solutions and thus on the area of field service.
Consequently, the SAP press release on the takeover only mentions the field service area. This is certainly the crown jewel and fits perfectly into SAP's cloud strategy.
Consequently, SAP only refers to this showcase technology in its press release.
There it says (freely translated from English):
? By combining Coresystems' technology with SAP's intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and asset networks, the vision of the intelligent enterprise extends to customer service?

I wonder what will happen next with the coresuite

So it will be exciting to see what happens next with the coresystems SAP Business One products. Will they be "absorbed" by the standard? There are a lot of things in the coresuite package that would also be good for the SAP Business One standard.

Update : Coresystems is now available twice

Unfortunately, neither the press release(s) nor the coresystems website revealed that not the entire coresystems AG was sold to SAP. This morning (06.02.2018 - 8:00 a.m.) we were informed that only coresystems FSM is affected by the deal. coresystems AG will continue to support the add-ons around SAP Business One under its own management and new board of directors.


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coresystems takeover

SAP takes over coresystems AG

For old SAP Business One veterans, the report is a bang. SAP takes over one of the addon forges for SAP ...
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