SEPA - changeover requires early preparations in SAP Business One.
2 october

SEPA conversion requires early preparations in SAP Business One

The SEPA ? Regulation ensures that the business partner data of SAP Business One has to lend a hand.


Whereas in the recent past there was still a threat on the horizon that the SEPA adjustment in SAP Business One would have to be carried out manually, it looks as if the all-clear can be given in this respect. The following should be done by 01 February 2014.

  • Adaptation of SAP Business One and your payment transaction applications to the new SEPA payment schemes
  • Change the details on your business papers to include your IBAN and the BIC
  • Recording IBAN and BIC of your customers and business partners in your accounting system
  • Use of SEPA direct debit mandates instead of the previous direct debit mandate

It is expected that as early as next week, the topic will be IBAN give a solution.
What else, independent of SAP Business One, is connected to the SEPA ? conversion is documented in several places on the Internet.

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