SMS -PPS - New Star in the SAP Business One AddOn Sky.
24 July

SMS -PPS - New Star in the SAP Business One AddOn Sky

Since the beginnings of SAP Business One, there have really only been two PPS ? extensions. Beas and Variatec. PPS ? played a rather smaller role. One or Cim-Pool AG from Switzerland.
In the last three years, however, a further AddOn-manufacturer established. SMS-PPS has developed a highly integrated PPS ? extension that focuses mainly on the metalworking industry.


These PPS functions are available with SMS ?PPS in SAP Business One:
? Parts list and work schedulemanagement in the structure
? Production data copy function across all stages
? Order release over several stages
? Availability check across the entire order structure at a glance
? Parts where-used list with replacement function
? BDE via barcode
? Capacity planning
? Extended workbench
? Interactive graphic planning board

SMS-PPS is backed by massive experience in the manufacturing environment. The head and founder of SMS Business Software Solution GmbH is Peter Faßbinder, who was formerly head of development at Brain AS.



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