Standard still trending
30 March

Standard still trendy

Standard software is still the trend. This is shown by the Trovarit study ERP in practice. The superficial reasons for this are usually the low project risk and the smaller costs. However, this is not always automatically guaranteed. But when does it really go wrong with the Standard systems? Dr. Karsten Sontow, CEO of Trovarit AG, believes that the biggest mistake already occurs during the selection of the system: 'The service specification must be very concrete (?) What the provider promises must be recorded in black and white?

Own developments can be expensive

The fact that the software's performance can be guaranteed is mainly due to the fact that the processes of the standard software have often already been tried and tested many times and have thus usually also been optimised. Therefore, in many cases only minor adjustments to the system itself are necessary. This has the advantage that companies do not need to have any internal now-how in terms of IT development. This can save a company a lot of time and money. Because in-house developments are still expensive. And they are still often risky, as the example of the Federal Employment Agency shows.

The BA recently spent 4.5 billion euros on the further development and operation of software between 2011 and 2016 ? and also partly blew it. For example, 60 million were invested in the ROBASO project (role-based interfaces) over the last 17 years. At the beginning of the year, however, the project was discontinued. Reason: software too inflexible and complex for customer business. Eliminating the deficits would not have been worthwhile in terms of time and money.

More security through updateability

How can this happen? A common risk is that in-house developments are only developed once. This means that IT decision-makers cannot necessarily take something from a one-off for the next project. ERP software but must be regularly updated, revised and, if necessary ? every 15 years ? replaced. Standard software has much greater potential here and offers not only less risk but also more flexibility. However, they are only successful if the pot finds the right lid.

Best-of-Breed? Approach

Companies should therefore check whether they opt for standard software that meets the requirements in the area of ERP such as financial accounting, customer relationship management or merchandise management. If this is not the case, there is always the possibility to look around in the "best-of-breed" offer. offer. Best-of-breed' refers to the software philosophy of finding and integrating the best possible solution for each ERP application area. In doing so, the solution suites of various ERP providers for sub-areas are combined into a holistic solution. According to the Trovarit study, the decision here depends primarily on the size of the company and the respective industry.

Financial accounting or human resources management in trend

However, people are particularly keen to invest in special systems that can be finance or human resources management. The reason is the frequent legal changes in these areas. These make it difficult to guarantee up-to-dateness, says Trovarit board member Sontow. To adapt a software again and again at this point means a lot of effort. That is why industrial companies, for example, usually use a specialised system for their financial accounting. Trading companies, on the other hand, get along well with the financial accounting that is integrated in the ERP system. This is because it is close to the core business for retailers and service providers. For manufacturing companies, this is more likely to be in the production.

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