State funding for your ERP project
13 october

State funding for your ERP project

SMEs are reluctant to invest in an ERP system. What many don't know is that you can apply for government funding for your project.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not consider investing in a new ERP system because they think the software is too expensive. Especially as a provider of SAP software, we often encounter potentially interested parties who see system giants behind all solutions with corresponding Costs assume. Yet there is affordable standard software such as SAP Business One with many add-on possibilities that make the software very flexible for different industries. In addition, the offer is growing in the area of SAAS and thus offers a financially viable option for SMEs. Nevertheless: An ERP project is of course not a cheap undertaking.

Just to ensure an efficient Consulting to maintain the system, the companies have to invest. But this is necessary if the new system is to achieve the desired success. This investment is often too risky for SMEs. But what many smaller companies do not take into account: The EU, the federal government and the federal states support companies with ERP consulting with subsidies. However, ONLY the consulting, NOT the software itself.

However, especially in the case of a Standard software like SAP Business One, the technical implementation is only a small part of the project. Consulting also includes the process analysis and the Preparation of a specification sheet. If you have ever studied the process of ERP projects, you know that this is the bear part. However - how could it be otherwise - the regulation of funding in this area is very opaque. Researching on the net is a challenge. A halfway good overview is provided by the funding bank of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

State funding at federal level

In the case of funding at federal level, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control is responsible. Applications are available on their website, which companies can also submit directly online. The prerequisite is that the company has already been in existence for a year and also wants to take advantage of advice on other topics (business, technology, organisation, etc.). This can also include ERP consulting.

State funding at the federal state level

At the state level, as with pretty much everything, it varies from state to state. A (good) source of information here is the investment and development banks. They will then also list the respective criteria that the applicant must fulfil.

Another option is to apply for funding for a ERP project to obtain are, for example, loans that are particularly favourable and long-term. These "subsidised" supports are offered by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau. You can usually apply for these loans through your house bank.

Either way: In the case of an ERP project, it pays to do good research. Regarding first steps Please do not hesitate to ask us.

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