Study: Too much time spent on routine work
6 Nov

Study: Too much time for routine work

"So, what did you do at work today?" - if this question leaves you puzzled, a newly published study might help. This presents the results of a study conducted by the DJS Research Ltd (UK) survey conducted in April 2017, which asked companies around the world how much time employees spend on what tasks. 1,505 office workers from 11 countries in companies with at least 100 employees were surveyed.

The result: on average, employees spend 552 hours a year working on administrative and repetitive tasks. This takes up 69 working days and thus one third of the annual working time. This results in enormous administrative costs for companies - all in all, 5 trillion dollars are spent on admin work every year. Dollars are spent on administrative work. The USA leads the way with 2.87 trillion dollars in administrative costs. Dollars in administrative costs.

More productive: Norway and Sweden

According to the study, Norway is also the most productive country. They devote 81 per cent of their working time to their main tasks. The Norwegians are closely followed by the Swedes with 78 per cent and France with 76 per cent. The least time is spent in Singapore with 60 per cent. Overall, it is noticeable that older employees need more time for their main tasks than younger ones. They, in turn, are nevertheless more in favour of automating routine work. Many of the younger respondents are of the opinion that investments should be made in the corresponding technology. However, a total of 67 percent are of this opinion. Almost three-quarters of the respondents in Germany can imagine a "digital assistant" who takes over administrative tasks. In Spain or Sweden, on the other hand, this would be a conceivable option for almost all of them. Let's see where it goes with the Work 4.0.

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Study: Too much time for routine work

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