Success with SAP Business One: "CashOne" in use
4 Sep

Success with SAP Business One: “CashOne” in action

A few months ago we already had the cash management for SAP Business One "CashOne"by VIS Consulting AG. Now the AddOn can already record its first successes. For example, the Swiss retail company ANOUK  to the ERP system.
"The SAP solution is easy and intuitive to use, as is the cash register. Our employees in the shops are thrilled and are happy about significantly less administrative work. ", says ANOUK CIO Hervé Pflieger.

With 55 shops and 185 employees  the company relies on a customised cash register interface that allows it to work directly in a system that makes all transactions visible even in retrospect. That's why it was also important for ANOUK that the ERP and POS system come from a single source. In addition to transparency, this also offers the advantage that the ERP solution can be continuously developed. In addition, the POS solution, which is coordinated with SAP B1, is less susceptible to errors. Because companies can also work across countries and multilingually with SAP Business One, the German ANOUK branches could be directly connected to the POS system.

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