Successful Janitors with SAP Business One.
3 Jan

Successful caretakers with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is now used in a wide range of companies around the world. Small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries rely on the ERP solution. Who these companies are and why SAP Business One was the right decision for you, we tell here on our blog.

The range of tasks of a caretaker or, as they say today, "facility manager" is large. It becomes even bigger when a company takes over the tasks of many caretakers. This is the case with the company "ISS Faciliy Services" - and it includes everything. But in order to be able to efficiently use and invoice services such as the various cleaning jobs, the company needs a suitable ERP system. A system like SAP Business One. The company benefits from the possibilities to view its resources in a uniform way, to make them plannable and to record services directly on site in the system. This B1 Success video shows exactly how this works.

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