Successful ERP projects: Seven reasons to convince everyone.
3 Sep

Successful through the ERP project: seven reasons that will convince everyone

Although a ERP system While many of the manual processes are automated, there are still those who work with them: Initiate work steps, enter data into the system or have to make decisions based on reports. It is the users who are responsible for the real success of an ERP solution.

But how can you really convince them of the new ERP? Because try to convince your colleagues with Cloud computingIf you try to lure people into using an ERP solution with functions, interface integration or modularity, most of them will be as interested as the fuel injection system of their car. What interests everyone, however, is what they get out of using an ERP solution with all these functions and technical data. Here is a list of the seven points of what each of their employees through the use of a ERP wins:

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1. less work

Better search options, capture situations based on clear data and always have access to important detailed information. Automated communication between the Processes and the resulting accelerated response times ultimately ensure less work for each individual. These improved workflows are a major motivating reason to make the ERP solution your own.

2. more time for new things

Due to the reduced daily business of work that arises or is completed more quickly, the stress decreases and there is time left for projects or concerns of the employees that could not be taken into account so far due to lack of urgency.

3. more satisfied customers

A good customer is a satisfied customer. Because everyone knows how much more pleasant it is to have a customer who is happy with the services. Through fast and flexible action and significant figures, everyone likes to be convinced!

4. effectiveness increases numbers

The ERP system enables a quick insight into all figures through summarised Reports. Through such improved workflows, employees can write better numbers in the longer term!

5. modern work

The ERP offers a daily work routine with modern means. It simplifies and improves work processes. An understandable and undeniably positive argument for everyone!

6. employees benefit from the very beginning

Employees should already be involved in the planning phase of the new ERP solution. They can often turn out to be good process optimisers in existing but critical workflows. In this way, they immediately convey to their colleagues how many possibilities the ERP brings along for everyone and how everyone can benefit from it!

7. integrate supporters of the ERP solution

As with anything new, there are always those who are hesitant or sceptical and those who are enthusiastic about it. Use the enthusiasm and integrate the supporters into the project so that they see the open-mindedness of the new ERP solution among the employees.

Extra Tip: Give each of your employees time to get used to the idea and the system itself. Clear up uncertainties in good time and always try to have an open ear for all concerns!

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