Successful ERP project / Convincing the management
17 July

Successful through the ERP project / Convince the management

One of the biggest hurdles in the introduction of a ERP project is to fully convince the management of the benefits. Often the management is so distracted from their current tasks or they lack the right information to sufficiently support the new software solution. Often it is also the goals that have not been defined clearly enough for the people concerned. But how can you convince the management in the long term?

Convince management: Set out the goals clearly!

Too often, only the functions and possibilities of the ERP are discussed. Instead, derive the benefits and subsequent improvements in the work processes. Highlight these developments clearly. Instead of trying to explain the individual complex functions of the software, explain the resulting advantages. These facts are also much more tangible for the management and motivate for the introduction!

Convincing management : Presentation

In order to achieve the set up GoalsIn order to credibly and convincingly present the goals to be achieved through the implementation of the ERP, you need to consider the following points:

  • Define the goals clearly. The more comprehensible the goal, the easier it is to convince.
  • Create a timetable that everyone can follow and see that the goals will happen in the foreseeable future.
  • Support everything with meaningful figures. This gives the management an overview of the project scope.
  • Show that the goals are actually achievable and realistic.

The more precisely you substantiate and underline the goals with the current and future figures, data and facts
the easier it will be to convince management of the necessity of ERP.

Convincing management : Showing the advantages

It is best to have a Specifications to create. This makes it easier to identify the one processes to see, to question and also to optimise. If the management does not notice a need despite everything, show again how the business situation can look with ERP. For example, the day-to-day business will be easier to understand because most activities are carried out in the ERP system. This gives the management a much better basis for decision-making, e.g. about stock levelsthat are too much or too little present. In general, the processing of incoming payments, orders and invoices can be made much more transparent. Above all, it is also accelerated! This increases the work of each individual and allows errors to be avoided.

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