Successful through?the ERP project / the (sensible) specifications
8 Aug

SUCCESSFUL THROUGH THE ERP PROJECT / the (useful) specifications

A popular method used by many SMEs to select a suitable ERP system is to present a set of specifications to various suppliers. In the comparison, the one that seems to fulfil the criteria of the specifications in the best possible way should then be chosen. In other words, the implementation of the documented actual and target processes and functions is possible.


The specifications harbour dangers

However, a specification does not guarantee a successful implementation. This type of ERP selection even has various disadvantages. Original solutions from other providers are not even taken into account if, for example, the ERP provider indicates that he cannot map the required function in this way, but recommends a sensible alternative from his side.

Weighting is what counts

In order to make a really good choice, the desired applications and functions should also be evaluated according to their importance. This is difficult if the future ERP user has so far only mastered his daily business with Excel. Then the necessary knowledge to develop software-compliant processes or even the experience of ?what? is possible is missing.

Just as important as the specifications

In order to be able to select an ERP provider, the specifications are certainly a suitable document as a guide, but the decision should be made after a software presentation (online or on site).

A previously prepared specification can also help with the process analysis. However, if the core processes to be optimised were discussed with the provider during the analysis phase, it is not absolutely necessary. It is then only important to make sure that the ERP provider can really map and/or adapt them. Appropriate documentation is also necessary ? because it just won't work without it.

However, this is still a smaller effort than the creation of a specification sheet. Based on this, it can then be decided whether the provider can meet the wishes with its solution.

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