Successfully implement ERP: Integrating employees
2 october

Introduce ERP successfully: integrate employees

The introduction of a ERP system does not automatically guarantee its success. In most cases, software implementation is preceded by a long process of process analysis and adjustments. For the new system solution to actually deliver on its promises of transparency and efficiency, there is one more essential factor - integrated users. What to look out for when integrating employees into the ERP introduction.

Accordingly, the best ERP software only develop their potential if all users join in. But how to integrate the employees without demotivating them?
Here is a little guide...

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An ERP implementation is not just a simple restructuring of IT. In most cases, it also changes many processes and processes and thus also tasks in the company. If the employees are not included in this development, they can quickly feel left out. Not knowing about the renewed structures leads to fear and thus to a rejection of the new system, as its advantages are not recognised. Instead, they try to work "past" the system. The management, however, will try to measure the performance of the employees through the system - and hold up poor development of the respective employee. In any case, an unhealthy corporate culture is pre-programmed.


An ERP system is primarily there to improve the exchange of information within a company. As a result, many routine tasks often become irrelevant. In return, employees have more time to deal with the organization of their main tasks. However, this also increases their personal responsibility and independence from managerial positions. It is therefore important to prepare the employees for this change during the ERP implementation.

Integrate employees!

Those responsible in an ERP project, such as the project manager, should rather work straight away with the objective of the new introduction: Transparency. Already with the process analysis simply integrate the employees. In this way, they feel that their needs are being taken into account and can understand the optimisation. The management should also communicate each of these - in the case of more complex processes, e.g. also with training courses. If the employees can see their advantages in the new software, the introduction can have a very motivating effect. This in turn is the key to the success of the new ERP system.

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