Reference book: Business User Guide 2
22 apr

Reference book: Business User Guide 2

A revised edition of the reference book “SAP Business One: Business User Guide” has been published. The specialist book on SAP Business One, which was only published in English, is now available as an e-book and will be available in printed form next week.

The new edition of the SAP Business One: Business User Guide is, so to speak, the English equivalent of the “SAP Business One – The practical handbook” by Helmut Hochberger and Robert Mayerhofer.

Specialist book with a comprehensive claim

The reference book has been revised for the second edition and is based on the current version of SAP Business One 10.
It claims to illuminate and support almost all aspects and functions of SAP Business One on more than 700 pages. This starts with the menus, but also deals with transactions, cockpits and dashboards of the SAP medium-sized enterprise ERP software.
The manual too SAP Business One is based on the individual business processes in the areas finance, banking, sales, services, Purchasing, warehousing, resource management, production, MRP, human resources and project management.
In addition, the reporting options of SAP Business One are discussed: queries, the creation of reports, but also the analysis functions of the SAP HANA version.

The content includes, among other things:

  • finance and banking
  • sale and purchasing
  • inventory management
  • resource management
  • Production and MRP
  • human resources
  • project management
  • reporting and analytics
  • administration
  • Mobile
  • SAP HANA and SQL versions
  • Cloud and on-premise systems

Experienced textbook authors

The three authors Carl Briton Lewis, Juanita Karan and Keith Taylor are experienced SAP Business One consultants, major SAP Business One partners. With their expertise, they can cover the various industries in which SAP Business One is used.

The reference book for SAP Business One is at Rheinwerk Verlag Available as an e-book and print edition. The e-book is available for immediate download, while the printed version of “SAP Business One: Business User Guide 2” will have to wait a few more days.
Both versions cost EUR 79.95 and are also available from Amazon.


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