The benefits of cross-industry ERP software
1 March

The advantages of cross-industry ERP software

"We are very special" is what today's companies like to write on their banners. Most of them also want to reflect this individual image in their company software. The requirements for ERP systems are therefore becoming more and more specific. Reaching for special industry software (plant construction, Equipment manufacturing, Plastic, Automotive, Medical devices, Retail, service provider, Electronics ..) seems logical after that.

A cross-sector solution is therefore not necessarily "in vogue". However, customised software is not necessary for every company. For some companies it can even be advantageous to implement a cross-sector system.

Good for smaller businesses and the wallet

Basically, it is rather the small and medium-sized enterprises that can benefit from cross-industry ERP software. The systems are less complex and the functions are easier to use than special industry software. This reduces the amount of training required and ergo saves money. In addition, this "broad basis" makes integration easier, as less specific processes also become more versatile, but remain expandable. In this way, the system can always adapt to the company, even if it is in a growth phase.

The mix makes the difference

However, above a certain size, it is still common to use more specific software. However, extra specialised software also costs money and requires a lot of explanation, i.e. training and user support. The advantage: the requirements are mapped exactly as they are needed, but this also makes them inflexible. This is where systems become interesting that are based on Standard systems but are specialised in a particular industry. This ERP software then moves somewhere in the midfield.

An example would be a system that specifically maps the functions that work in projects. Here, the requirements of these companies are mapped and they are supported by a provider who knows what the industry expects. Nevertheless, the system is still set up in such a general way that it remains flexible. Given the dynamics of competition, this is an important quality of a system that would rather grow than be replaced all too soon. Moreover, these systems are a fair compromise for all companies that are special but do not want to or cannot spend too much money on a sector-specific solution.

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