The Future of SAP Business One as of 2020.
13 Jan

The future of SAP Business One from 2020

At the beginning of 2019, Rainer Zinow already gave a detailed talk on the future of SAP Business One in a video. In 2020, he will again provide a deep insight into the strategy. It's all about the future of SAP Business One from 2020.

Digitalisation determines the future of SAP Business One

In his 'Annual Address', Rainer Zinow emphasises the impact of the digital transformation. This definitely influences the transformation of the further development of SAP Business One. The topics of the digitalization are therefore on the agenda:

  • Analytics
  • Internet of things
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
Digitalisation and platform strategy

SAP does not want to integrate everything in the core of SAP Business One. The ERP software will be opened up for services accordingly. These services do not have to come from SAP. In this respect the Service Layer the base of this strategy. The service layer provides web services for other applications and can consume their services.
Accordingly, SAP Business One is increasingly seen as a digital platform. A foundation on which SAP partners and customers can build the necessary extensions.

SAP Business One Roadmap
Click here if you want to know more about the SAP Business One Roadmap....

Commitment to diversity

SAP makes a very clear statement regarding the possible operating models of SAP B1. On-premises or cloud ? the customer has the free choice.

SAP also gives you the choice of database. SAP HANA is clearly preferred in accordance with the corporate strategy. However, anyone who wants to can always use Microsoft MS SQL Server.

The impressive growth figures demonstrate that SAP is on the right track with this orientation. 1000 new companies join the SAP B1 ? community.
Nevertheless, the global figures make you look:

  • More than 70,000 customers
  • 50 localisations
  • 28 languages
  • 300 Software development partners
  • 500 solutions based on SAP B1
  • 850 SAP B1 Integration Partner
  • Installed in 170 countries
  • 5600 Group subsidiaries use SAP B1

Not surprisingly, SAP Business One is a centrepiece of SAP's midmarket strategy. In this respect, investments in the future of SAP Business One will continue to be made diligently.

THE further development of SAP Business One: The Web Client

An important leap into the future of SAP Business One is certainly the new web client. It not only facilitates access to SAP B1 via a browser. The new interface also brings together SAP's various ERP solutions. Because regardless of whether SAP S/4HANA or ByDesign use the same interface scheme in future with SAP Business One.

The new web client

SAP Cloud Platform

The future of SAP Business One is not only in cloud, it is also with those who are in it. It provides services for the development and integration of services. Developers can work with Java script, by the way. This opens the door for a large number of developers. Moreover, the operation of the data hub is possible with all major hyperscalers: Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud, etc.
Another approach made possible by the SAP Cloud Platform is that of the common data model. This should make it possible in the future to develop extensions that can be used for SAP B1 as well as for SAP's other ERP applications.

SAP Cloud Platform

The future of SAP Business One: a promise

When you consider how SAP Business One started almost 17 years ago. When you also consider what a mature, flexible and widely used solution it has become, Rainer Zinow's concluding sentence is not surprising: (freely translated)
?..we look forward to the next 10 or 20 years, as long as you want this solution, we will be there for you...?

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