The Other SAP Cloud
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The other SAP cloud

Everyone who is interested in the current ERP market knows that there is no way around offers from the data cloud. Of course, this also applies to the market leader. The SAP cloud offering is getting bigger and more complete. There is also a lot on offer for medium-sized companies that can be obtained online. However, the nature of medium-sized companies is very diverse, for which a different SAP cloud platform is required.

SAP Cloud offer for the midmarket

Now, the terms relating to the data cloud are not protected. An SAP cloud platform can therefore also be anything. If you focus on the offering for SMEs, you will of course find SAP Business ByDesignwhich is a purebred Software as a Service (SaaS) represents. It thrives on high functionality from a solution provided by SAP. And as such, this rental software also builds on high standardisation. SAP Business ByDesign consistently runs on SAP servers and can only be obtained from there.
The situation is different with regard to the offer for SAP Business One (B1) from the cloud. SAP creates the basis with the rental tariffs for SAP B1. In other words, you can rent the ERP solution and additional components such as the Cloud Control Center for SAP Business One created. After that, things get colourful: SAP leaves it up to the infrastructure on which the on-demand software runs. Consequently, all hyperscalers now offer a service in conjunction with SAP Business One. Thus, one can directly access the pages of Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure or Google to configure their SAP Business One environment and off they go.

Difficult entry and transition to cloud platforms

The advantages of cloud offerings have been described many times and seem to be well known. One saves costs and effort for hardware and its maintenance in one's own company and does not need expensive and increasingly rare specialised personnel to maintain the IT landscape.
Furthermore, it seems increasingly important to Topic Security to become. It is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, to defend themselves against all the dangers posed by attackers from the Internet. Especially when complex business software like ERP systems When software is purchased as SaaS, there is also the promise and expectation that the maintenance of this software will be carried out silently in the background.
So much for the ideal world, which in reality is often a bit more diverse and less rosy for SMEs. Even when trying to find out what costs are hidden behind the hyperscalers' offers, slight frustration sets in. Once you have fought your way through a configuration that actually requires expert knowledge, a price shock quickly sets in. Yes, renting is always more expensive than buying, but so much more expensive. Particularly high availability or even high availability Google and Co. are paid handsomely for this.

Anything but standard

Then it's better to go straight to SAP Business ByDesign to get everything from a single source. Yes, if you are familiar with the postulate of high Standardisation can make friends with. But if there is a reason for the worldwide success with over 70,000 installations of SAP Business One, it is the high flexibility, customizability, over 600 add-ons and open world to the integration of additional applications. SAP Business One has thus developed into a platform of its own. Moving this platform with all its possibilities into the cloud is a completely different task than "just" making ERP software available there. In view of the advancing digitalization and thus constantly increasing complexity, this is no longer an option for many companies.

The special SAP Cloud serviced by specialists

Now, one could argue that if you want such a high degree of flexibility away from the standard, it is better to do it on your own servers and then do without the advantages of the cloud. Or you could try to retain the advantages of SAP Business One and combine them with a service that provides many of the advantages of a cloud solution. Such a solution was launched a few years ago by experienced SAP Business One consultants. Cloudiax AG is probably one of the very few cloud providers that focus solely on a specific type of customer: SAP Business One users and almost everything that has to do with it. Cloudiax provides an SAP cloud platform and infrastructure. This includes the databases, i.e. Microsoft SQL or SAP HANA. It is thus a kind of PaaS (Platform as a Service) . SAP Business One, licensed from the SAP partner, is then installed on it. Many additional services can also be rented, but also additional application servers for third-party software and in-house development. In this way, a company can move its entire business IT into the cloud, which becomes more than just an SAP cloud.

The Full Service Package

The focus on and years of experience with SAP Business One from Cloudiax pays off for the customer. He is on a highly secure, highly available platform, whose administration is handled 24/7 by experts. The package is rounded off with the SAP/Cloudiax partner (such as Versino Projects), who works closely with the customer to take care of all aspects of software maintenance, consulting, expansion and upgrading. support takes care of. This cooperation offers added value that is almost impossible for a medium-sized company to achieve today. Obtaining, paying for and retaining the appropriate resources for an in-house IT department is nowadays only possible with great difficulty.
How to properly classify such a model within the cloud offerings is difficult. It's something between hybrid cloud, private cloud, and extending cloud services.
Be that as it may, it is a model that meets the often quite specific requirements of SMEs with a suitable offer.

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