The right project management - 5 tips for selection.
9 Feb

The right project management – 5 tips for the selection

The leadership at a ERP implementation is a responsible task. It is not uncommon for management to have problems finding a suitable project manager. Often there is uncertainty about the qualifications for this post. Therefore, we would like to mention a few essential points here that we consider important when choosing a project leader.

1. trust in the project management

the Project management is responsible for project management internally and acts as the contact person for the ERP system partner. However, this does not require a fully trained project management specialist. A good ERP partner will lead a significant part of the project anyway. However, the project management, the company has to give the ERP provider and make decisions in the interest of the company. For this, it is important that the company management trusts the project management.

2. knowledge about company processes

Although the project manager does not need a strong knowledge of ERP systems or project management, he or she does need to know more about the day-to-day business of the company. The introduction is about mapping the individual requirements of the work processes in the ERP system in the best possible way. It is less important that the project manager knows these requirements. processes knows down to the last detail. It is important that he knows which people are involved in the project and when, and which issues should be given the most attention.

3. contact with future users

It is particularly important that the future users are involved in the project. This is also partly the responsibility of the project manager. On the one hand, he should know which points are important for his employees in their daily business. On the other hand, he must identify the really important requirements and wishes that are important for the company. Project are not useful. It is also important that the future users feel perceived by the project management. In this way, many complications can be avoided right from the start.

4. contact with supplier

Similarly, the project management should take the view of the Provider understand and be able to represent them in front of the company. Most problems in ERP projects occur when there are misunderstandings between the customer and the provider. Often it is only when the software is put into operation that it is discovered that the ERP system does not meet the actual requirements of the company at all - or at least not in all points. These grievances usually arise from a lack of or incorrect communication between the two parties. The project manager should therefore mediate here and know what information is important for the provider. Only in this way is it possible for the ERP consultants to implement the requirements correctly in the system.

5. time and mental capacity

A point of great importance as well. The project management must have enough capacity to take good care of the Project to be able to take care of them. In terms of time as well as mentally. Exact details regarding availability are difficult to give, as the project management workload varies depending on the project phase. In addition, the work and responsibility is also very dependent on the internal project management, project team, experience and project size. Therefore, it is important that they appoint a project leader who is free from day-to-day business for the project in terms of time and thought. The company management should always support the project management and distribute the tasks in the day-to-day business in such a way that the concentration is entirely on the project.

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