The SAP Business One Roadmap and the Good Feeling.
17 Sep

The SAP Business One Roadmap and the good feeling

A remarkable feature of SAP Business One, is the predictability due to solid future prospects of the ERP ? Software from the market leader. There were times in the ERP ? There were times in the ERP business when a customer of a business software left the company in the evening, only to leave ERP package "A" behind and find package "B" in the morning. Old versions were also taken out of maintenance in order to establish new versions that were anything but ready for the market.

From wallflower to standard ERP

Even SAP Business One was rumoured to be withdrawn from the market shortly after its launch. Twelve years and 50,000 customers later, such a scenario is more than unlikely.

The whole ERP market has probably calmed down as well. The big hype topics like to be driven through the villages on the backs of other colourful pigs. BiG DATA and cloud are far more suitable for a 'must have' discussion than a new function in the warehouse management in SAP Business One.

Today, the urgent ERP issues are approached with more objectivity than in boom times. We are talking about a good, proven and reliable tool. Admittedly, it can do a lot, but miracles happen elsewhere. After all, reliability is very important when using ERP software like SAP Business One for eight to ten years.

SAP Business One Roadmap builds trust

Nevertheless, SAP is still doing more to build trust around SAP Business One. Not only is it certain that SAP Business One will still exist in a few years' time. How the ERP software will be further developed is also already planned and comprehensible. On the constantly updated SAP Business One road map you can read about what is planned for the next few years and how SAP Business One is developing.

This creates trust, a good feeling that should always play a major role when deciding which ERP software to use.
According to SAP, a new roadmap is currently being prepared.

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