Gloomy prospects for the cloud?
13 Sep

Bleak prospects for the cloud?

A glance at the IT spheres these days is enough to make one think: without cloud nothing works any more. Even for ERP and CRM systems, solutions from the cloud are praised to the skies by IT media (and providers).

The fact that with all this ? well ? ?cloundiness? the forest for the trees. Clouds is not seen, is shown, for example, by the results of the Trovarit ?ERP in practice? study. In this study, the systems from the cloud only 5% of the respondents were convinced.

Despite the favourable sales forecasts and advantages such as high flexibility in terms of scalability and accelerated implementation and updating. So have the big ERP manufacturers like SAPOracle, Microsoft and co. miscalculated?

If companies use the cloud service today, it is probably mostly the private version. Here, however, only the technical scalability is an advantage, otherwise this variant hardly differs from the classic hosting of rented software. The demands of the companies and the existing software landscape are too complex for companies above a certain size.

The promises remain realisable in the public cloud. Small companies that require little individual customisation of their system can take advantage of these ERP therefore use it more effectively. Likewise, ERP from the cloud is a conceivable alternative for companies that are currently undergoing rapid growth and therefore benefit from timely implementation and updates-opportunities.

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