Two-factor authentication for MariProject.
18 June

Two-factor authentication for MariProject

Access with strong security is not only useful for online banking. Applications that provide access to company data also require such security measures. MariProject for SAP Business One now also has another access hurdle: two-factor authentication.

More data security through additional query

With two-factor authentication, a user account is not only secured by a user ID and the corresponding password. A further query via another channel provides additional security. The next step to secure access is then usually the request for another password. This is only generated for one-time access. The additional password is then sent, for example, via smartphone app or SMS.

Two-factor authentication as of version 6.3

For the MariProject Webclient now has two-factor authentication from version 6.3. After logging in using the usual user ID and password, a window with a QR code is displayed. This is then scanned with the smartphone. You then receive a one-time password in response.
The Google or Microsoft Authenticator can be used to generate the one-time code.

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