Two in One: 6 Reasons to Integrate CRM and ERP
3 Nov

Two in one: 6 reasons to integrate CRM and ERP

CRM and ERP - two systems for one company. Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning as software separately is quite common practice. Nevertheless, an integration of the two systems also has its advantages. Six reasons in favour of CRM and ERP speak in one:

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Reason 1: Usability

It is true that most people are used to jumping between many different functions through the variety of apps on their smartphone. Nevertheless, this modular variant is rather unpopular in the workplace. Perhaps because the interface of CRM and ERP systems is a little more complex, perhaps also because dealing with this software is more compulsory than optional. It therefore makes sense to invest enough time in training. If a company has CRM and ERP in one, this makes it easier to teach the functions and processes of the systems. Apart from that, it is often easier and faster to operate everything from one system.

Reason 2: Deep insights into CRM and ERP !

Various functions support the analysis and evaluation of data in ERP and CRM systems. For the management, this transparency is necessary to make decisions. An integration of both software would enable an even better evaluation of data and figures. Customers and companies interacting at a glance.

Reason 3: At the right time, the right system

When a company takes its first tentative steps, it usually only needs the functions of CRM software. But as things get better and better, the company's day-to-day business has completely different requirements. Then good advice is expensive and it can't go fast enough with the integration of an ERP solution - however, at this point the first mistakes often already have to be ironed out for lack of the right software. If both systems are integrated, this problem logically does not arise. Young companies would therefore be well advised to opt for a complete solution. Flexible solutions such as SAP Business One, which are designed for the growth of a company, are particularly suitable.

Reason 4: Up and down in one

"Economies of Scale" or also Economies of scale create what defines a company as large and successful in our market. While sales are increasing, expenses are decreasing. This task falls to a large extent to our two title systems. With integration of CRM and ERP, greater control of this process is also possible, perhaps even an acceleration.

Reason 5: One for all and all for one

Even in small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of employees who deal with business transactions is considerable. This is also reflected in the respective company software. Problems often arise when functions are not designed in such a way that data can be stored correctly and transactions are traceable. In the worst case, only one employee actually has an overview of the respective process. Good systems should of course prevent this. If ERP and CRM are separate, there is no uniform work process, at least here. Integration would prevent this.

Reason 6: "Support" the support

An unavoidable scenario in everyday business life: something doesn't work as it should and suddenly you are stuck in a waiting loop. Sometimes exhausting, but unavoidable. Fortunately, many providers can offer the right support for their system. The more systems, the more support - you would think. However, with an integration of ERP and CRM, it is easier under (frequent) circumstances to identify problems and fix them (in the long run).

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