The configurable user interface (= UI) brings further customisation possibilities for the user in SAP Business One. With this function, SBO makes it possible to freely design the arrangement and properties of the fields in the windows according to the user's wishes. The following adjustments can be made:

  • Move fields on a single tab;
  • moving fields between different tabs;
  • Hide fields;
  • Deactivate fields;
  • Adjust the size and arrangement of the tables.
SAP Business One Configuration Template
SAP Business One Configuration Template.

One can make the adjustments to a UI configuration template and then make it available to several users. At the same time, however, one is also free to change the forms as a single user.

As this is a very powerful function, strict regulations are necessary for its use. Therefore, the functionality should only be used by a key user or with their assistance.

Adaptations via user-defined components

SAP Business One provides an extensive pool of fields for editing in its individual components. However, the latter are not always sufficient for individual business requirements. Therefore, it may be necessary to create custom fields and tables in SAP Business One.

Custom Values

This function can be used to calculate values or display default values for both standard fields and the user-defined fields in SAP Business One.

Linking user-defined fields to SAP Business One objects

By connecting user-defined fields with other SAP Business One objects, completely new relationships can be created between the data, which can be used for reporting, for example.


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