Update 5.6 : New version of MariProject
31 may

Update 5.6 : New version of MariProject

A new version of MariProject has been released. As always, smaller and larger improvements to the software for commercial project management are included in the update. A highlight of version 5.6 is certainly the new functions that help to meet the requirements of the GDPR in MariProject.

Again, many areas of ERP software for project-oriented companies will be covered by Service to plant construction addressed.

Here is an overview of all the changes and innovations in the new version of MariProject:

Highlight: Data protection

  • Wizard for displaying stored data of an individual
  • Wizard for deletion and anonymisation
  • Data change log
  • Access protection

Highlight: Newsletter Handling Module

A universal module was created that can send different types of newsletters to a selection of recipients.

  • Campaigns can be used to let authors without HTML design knowledge create content and send it out looking good.
  • Invitations to events can use content of the event
  • Existing notifications can be embedded in designs
  • Recipients can be selected via easily designed filter sets.
  • Each recipient can be addressed individually with their salutation.
  • The recipients can unsubscribe from the newsletter with one click or select their desired newsletter topics on a landing page.
  • Newsletters can contain dynamic content in the footer, such as a list of current events.

MariProject for project service providers

You can find out how the fully integrated solution supports you in your day-to-day business around complex projects on our Product page. We would be happy to demonstrate the system to you. Please contact us for this Contact on.

Password guidelines

Policies can now be set up and monitored for passwords.

Degree of completion in the phase master

Historic degrees of completion are now saved for each phase. These can be weighted to determine the project's degree of completion from the phases. A new evaluation shows the progress of the percentage of completion.

Transfer of delivery data from purchasing to sales

In the sales items of the contract, the desired delivery date is inserted and taken over for the order. When the supplier sends his order confirmation, this can be taken over as an order confirmation. A new feature is the possibility to directly change the delivery data for the customer.

Partial quantity settlement / partial cancellation

When creating delivery notes or invoices, partial quantities can be settled. If 10 were delivered by the supplier, only 10 could be invoiced. When entering 8, an item booking of 2 remains for later settlement.

Extension of the equilibrium statistics on the sales side

In the "Balance" tab in the contract, additional document types are now offered. In addition, an order commitment and a delivery commitment are displayed.

Alternative positions in the contract

Alternative positions can now also be used in the contract. In addition, alternative positions can be transferred from the acquisition calculations to the contract.

On-screen information with more than 12 columns

Until now, the screen information always displayed twelve columns with the business year (January-December or July to June) in the Period tabs. Now you can change both the duration and the starting month.

Thus only SAP Business One regarding the GDPR follow suit.

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