Update: MariProject for SAP Business One.
9 may

Update: MariProject for SAP Business One

Maringo has released a new update (5.2.003) for MariProject. The new version of the SAP Business One extension for project-oriented companies contains several innovations.
It was in the areas of leave management, application processing and accounting.

Among others, these are:

New application types and new application mask

A new application mask was created to create holiday applications, flexitime applications but also applications for payment of overtime in one mask.

Approval processes for applications

Requests for leave could previously only be made to the supervisor. This can now be defined via approval processes.

One release mask for all release types

The release has been completely redeveloped and now makes it possible to see all actions to be released and to carry out the release at a glance.

Edit billing conditions for the entire contract

A new mask has been developed to make it easier to process contracts with many fixed price items.

Query Manager in the Web Client

The queries and the display of the results in the Web Client still differed from the display in the main programme. New queries can now be created and existing queries can be edited in the Web Full Client.
From the display of the results, an Excel export can be made with the data.