User survey: ERP fit for the future?
24 Nov

User survey: ERP fit for the future?

The clocks of the digital market world tick differently. A recent survey by the strategy consulting firm Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) shows that time is running out for IT systems in SMEs. This confirms that there is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to networking with suppliers and customers.

A look into the future

60 percent of SMEs do not see any threat to their core business from digital distribution and communication channels. Most are of the opinion that long-term success can be achieved by integrating different IT systems and data sources.
A major challenge for the survey participants, however, is networking with customers and partners. More than 60 per cent are of the opinion that there is room for improvement here. According to the experts at PAC, the demands of the constantly growing functionality can be met with an open system architecture. This makes the business software, as SAP Business OneIt is easier to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market. In addition, the analysts see the future of the companies in support of mobile devices, data analyses and possible integration of other systems. However, in the survey, only just under half of the ERP solutions equipped with good mobile options. In areas like data analysis the respondents only rate their solution as sufficient.

The ERP solutions of today

Only 22 per cent of all users assume that the software they are currently using will also be sufficient in the coming years. The experts from PAC are of the opinion that it is above all the User-friendlinesst say a lot about the quality of a system. Complicated interfaces and confusingly depicted processes should actually be a thing of the past. However, only 66 per cent are satisfied with the usability. Reaction speed and uniformity are mostly seen as only sufficient.

Unattractive - because the technical design of the system is responsible for these characteristics. Conversion is only possible with a lot of effort.

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