VERSINO DATEV Interface/ Financial Suite HANA ready
27 Sep

VERSINO DATEV Interface/ Financial Suite HANA ready

At the beginning of the development, as the name Versino DATEV Interface suggests, the focus was on one goal: the transfer and receipt of bookings between SAP Business One and DATEV. Now the software is also available under HANA executable. It offers additional functions for SAP Business One accounting.

For companies and tax consultants who use DATEV

Versino Projects is a development partner of DATEV

SAP Business One does provide a standard interface for exporting data from SAP to DATEV. However, the experience of recent years shows that German SMEs have various additional challenges. Unfortunately, these are linked to the SAP default not always addressable.


Almost every new installation of SAP Business One today is based on the SAP HANA database.
Following this development, the Versino DATA interface is now also available under the HANA platform.

SAP Business One Financial Suite

The constant contact with the customers of the Versino DATEV interface, brought valuable additional input. The interface became the Versino Financial Suite. We were not only able to optimise the data traffic between SAP Business One and DATEV. In addition, functions and reports that are expected in German finance departments are increasingly coming into focus.

Among others, these are the following reports and functions

  • Export from SAP B1 in Datev format

    Even without split bookings in SAP Business One

  • Import into SAP Business One

    Our add-on is able to transfer postings from DATEV into SAP B1. These can be imported as journal entries or journal vouchers.
    If the batch contains incoming or outgoing payments and the corresponding invoices exist and are open in SAP Business One, the documents are automatically reconciled.

  • Report Package

    - remittance advice
    - Payment behaviour of customers
    - Balance confirmation as at the reporting date
    - Totals and balances list (DATEV compliant)
    - Top 10 customers / Top 10 suppliers
    - Cash book
    - account movements
    - Customer open items (special feature: OP overview on a key date);
    Dunning level and dunning date are displayed; blocked customers
    are marked in colour

  • Automatic import function of exchange rates (via ECB)

    The exchange rates are automatically imported the first time the user logs on to the system. The user also has the option of initiating the import manually at any time.

  • Automatic creation of accrual postings for purchase and sales invoices

    For EC invoices as well as sales invoices, the accounting entries are automatically created in the background after entering the service periods when the invoice is added.

  • Own configuration for booking texts

    The user can configure how the corresponding journal entry text is to be generated for each document type (purchase invoice, sales invoice, etc.).

  • Validation of UID numbers in the business partner master record

    In combination with UID and the standard billing address, an online check is carried out and a message about the result is issued immediately.

  • Automatic creation of IBAN numbers after entering the sort code and account number or vice versa

    You do not have to enter all three values, as it is provided for in the standard of B1, but it is sufficient to enter the IBAN number and this is automatically ?decomposed? and the values BLZ and account number are automatically filled (currently only works with German IBAN numbers).

  • Q&A offered

    A kind of chat function where you can get further information especially about our Add On but also other SAP B1 functions in the form of questions and answers.

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