The SAP Business One financial extension

As experts in SAP Business One finance, we have developed a comprehensive extension package that is specifically tailored to the individual needs of the accounting and finance departments of medium-sized companies in Germany. Since its original conception as an interface to the DATEV financial software, the Versino Financial Suite has developed into a comprehensive toolbox that optimises accounting processes and increases efficiency. Here you will find everything you need to know about the extensions.

Versino Financial Suite - Overview

Versino Financial Suite - Overview

The DATEV interface: a powerful combination of SAP Business One and DATEV

Powerplay between SAP Business One and DATEV
for more comfort and safety

DATEV Financial Accounting is a proven solution for medium-sized companies and tax consultants to map their clients' accounting. Companies that use SAP Business One already have many of the financial management functions, but often opt to transfer the bookings to DATEV Financial Accounting. In order to meet the requirements of our customers even better, we have developed a new, constantly adaptable interface in cooperation with DATEV, which optimally combines the advantages of SAP Business One and DATEV Financial Accounting. This allows you to benefit from our innovative solution and optimise your accounting processes.

With the Versino Financial Suite, we offer a wide range of benefits for the finance departments of medium-sized companies.
Here are some of the most important advantages:

Your advantages

  • Substantial reduction in time-consuming rework
  • Export and import for both systems
  • Tool that has German accountants in focus
  • Expansion into a financial suite around SAP Business One
  • In close coordination with DATEV
  • GoBD - compliant

Automatic accrual

Convenient and secure booking automation for pro rata bookings

Until now, companies using SAP Business One as their accounting system had to perform accruals manually. This was time-consuming and increased the risk of errors.

Versino Financial Suite allows businesses to automatically perform invoice accrual. For both purchase and sales invoices, businesses can automatically create accrual entries in the background when adding invoices or credit notes by entering the actual billing period. This automation saves time and minimises the risk of human error in manual accruals.

Versino Financial Suite - Automatic accrual

Versino Financial Suite - Automatic accrual

Booking text generator

Optimise your booking texts in SAP Business One with the Financial Suite from Versino

The management of booking texts is an important part of accounting in every company. With Versino's Financial Suite, you can individually configure your posting texts in SAP Business One and thus optimally adapt your accounting system to your needs. In contrast to the standard, the suite gives you the freedom to choose which posting texts should be included in a journal entry. Define the database fields from which the information should come, such as supplier name, item description, item description and much more.

Versino's Financial Suite allows you to specify the length of each entry to take into account the limitations of receiving systems. You have the option to customise the posting texts to ensure clearer accounting. The suite is applicable to all SAP Business One document types, including deliveries, goods receipts, payments and invoices.

Versino Financial Suite - Booking text generator

Versino Financial Suite - Booking text generator

Totals and balances list

The DATEV-compliant SUSA for SAP Business One

The Versino Financial Suite is an excellent solution for companies that use SAP Business One and want to create a totals and balances list that is perfectly aligned with DATEV requirements and criteria. With this solution, the exchange and reconciliation with your tax office is greatly simplified, as you can create a DATEV-compliant totals and balances list directly from SAP Business One.

The use of comparable data sets from SAP Business One and DATEV enables you to make important decisions quickly and easily. Furthermore, the Versino Financial Suite offers a special highlight that distinguishes it from the standard version of SAP Business One: The expense and revenue accounts are output without EB values, which considerably simplifies the analysis of the data.

Versino Financial Suite - Totals & Balances List

Versino Financial Suite - Totals & Balances List

Balance confirmation as at the reporting date

Balance confirmations directly from SAP Business One

With the help of Versino Financial Suite, you can easily and quickly create professional-quality balance confirmations directly from SAP Business One. This also gives you an important accounting tool in SAP Business One to check and confirm the accuracy of accounting data. They serve as proof of assets and liabilities and increase the accuracy and trustworthiness of accounting.

With our report you can Generate balance confirmations on a specific key date and send it directly to your business partners without wasting time and resources.

Take advantage of the Versino Financial Suite and optimise your annual audit processes.

Versino Financial Suite - Balance confirmations

Versino Financial Suite - Balance confirmations

Payment advice

Payment advice directly from SAP Business One

Optimise your payment processing with our innovative solution: Directly from SAP Business One, you can easily create payment notifications after the payment run, which contain all relevant information to inform your suppliers about the payments just executed. This provides you with an important tool to ensure the security and efficiency of payments and to simplify transaction processes. In this way, the Versino Financial Suite helps to avoid delays and misunderstandings and to give both payers and payees more security and confidence in the payment process.

Versino Financial Suite - Payment Advice

Versino Financial Suite - Payment Advice

Netting function

Automatic clearing of accounts payable and receivable in SAP Business One

Netting SAP Business ne

The netting function of Versino Financial Suite allows you to automatically perform the netting of creditors and debtors in SAP Business One. This involves a business partner who has a receivable from another business partner on the one hand, but also a payable to the same party on the other. By automatically offsetting the offsettable receivables and payables, only a net balance remains in the end. This allows you to optimise your liquidity and avoid making transfers that are not absolutely necessary. This saves time and work and minimises the risk of errors. The netting function gives you better control over your finances and the opportunity to optimise your liquidity.

Report: Payment behaviour of customers

Automatic clearing of accounts payable and receivable in SAP Business One

As a business owner or manager, it is important to know how your customers' payment behaviour affects your business. Delayed or non-payment can affect cash flow management and negatively impact your profitability.

To minimise this risk, our innovative payment behaviour reporting tool provides valuable insights into the payment behaviour of individual or multiple customers. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily analyse your customers' payment behaviour beyond the current financial year and identify cross-year trends. Our report allows you to analyse your customers' payment behaviour beyond the current business year and identify cross-year trends.

Report: Open items customers

OP overview with all relevant information for SAP Business One

Open items SAP Business One

As a business, it is important to keep track of your finances, especially when it comes to outstanding accounts. Open items, also known as OP, are an important part of financial management. An OP overview is important to keep track of outstanding payments and ensure that all open items are paid on time. Poor management of open items can lead to a poor cash flow situation and affect the liquidity of the company. An OP overview enables you to identify open items at an early stage and take appropriate action to avoid payment delays.

The open items overview of Versino Financial Suite shows you all relevant information at a glance, such as dunning level and dunning date, as well as colour-coded blocked customers. In addition, you receive valuable insights into average payment delays and agreed payment targets per customer to make your payment processes even more effective.

Automatic import function of exchange rates (via ECB)

Always up-to-date exchange rates in SAP Business One

In a globalised business environment, exchange rates are of central importance. Companies need to be constantly informed about current exchange rates in order to manage their finances effectively and minimise risks. SAP Business One offers a solution to import exchange rates automatically, without manual effort. Use the current exchange rates of the European Central Bank (ECB) in SAP Business One without manual effort. With just one click at the first login, the exchange rates are imported automatically and you have the option to trigger the import manually at any time. Benefit from always up-to-date exchange rates for currencies with Versino Financial Suite. Increase the efficiency and security of your financial processes by using up-to-date exchange rates in SAP Business One.

IBAN quick entry

All details with an IBAN number in SAP Business One

IBAN quick entry

The Versino Financial Suite enables the automatic creation of valid IBAN numbers without having to manually enter all three values (sort code, account number, IBAN). Instead, all you need to do is enter the IBAN number and our suite automatically breaks it down and fills the BLZ and account number fields accordingly. This not only saves time, but also minimises the risk of errors during manual entry.

Validation of UID numbers

Check UID number directly from SAP Business One

By checking your business partner's VAT number with Versino Financial Suite directly from SAP Business One, you can avoid the dangers associated with intra-Community shipments. Inadequate verification of your business partners can lead to inaccurate invoices, misstated shipments and inflated tax claims. You can perform a quick and secure online check by combining the UID with the normal invoice address. The result is displayed to you immediately after the check is complete.

Cash book

Cash book in SAP Business One with just one click

In SAP Business One, it is possible to evaluate all transactions in the general ledger separately. In order to then output these as a report, a journal must be created, which can then be exported to Excel. To simplify access to the entries belonging to a cash journal, Versino Financial Suite offers a corresponding report. With just one click, the cash book can be displayed directly.